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  1. i dont know what to do!i have a 2yr old lil boy and im engaged to his father we have a house together.I love him very much and cant see myself and our son without him.The problem is he is addicted to Roxys.i only smoke weed and i cant understand why he cant just do that too.he doesnt even smoke at all anymore since this shit started.Its been going on since before our son was born.He stoped for a while when i had the baby but then he had an accident at work and he got put on them after that it all went downhill and right now its so bad!i think about my son, he is crazy about his daddy.Even though i can say alot of things about him i can never say he is a bad father because he is the best with our son.However the worst his addiction gets the worst my family is fallin apart.I know its easy to say leave, but i dont wanna leave the home ive worked so hard on for my son.Just this morning i saw a txt messege on his phone from his dealer saying "i have blues" and i txtd him back telling him to fuck off and stop txtng and dealing with my fiance or else he'd be srry.But instead of making me feel better now i just feel stupid.Help GC!im too embarrased to ask anyone else for advice i know i shouldn't be but i am:(
  2. just talk to him about it tell him what you think, and if that dont work you should ask him to go to rehab, and if he refuses both just threaten to leave him if he doesnt stop, i know how pills can fuck peoples lifes up, all my old friends are now low lifes and dont care about anything but perk 30's and they have just gotten worst stealing from there own friends and family

    but one of my friends went to rehab for perks, and id thought he would never quit, but since hes been out he hasnt fucked with anything not even weed anymore, and its really helped him
  3. You have a responsibility to keep your son safe. That's really not the type of environment you want to have your son around.

    My advice, as hard as it may be, is to just leave. You don't have to leave forever, but at least until he stops using. Don't give him an ultimatum ("rehab or I leave") because that gives him control of the situation, and frankly it's not fair to him. Do what you have to do for you and your son, and let him do what he needs to do for himself. If, once you are gone, he realizes what he has lost and decides to get clean, it will be because he chose to do so- not because he was backed into a corner and forced. Once he gets clean, then you can work on your lives together :)
  4. Are "roxys" opiate based? there is an anti-opiate drug that, when taken with cannabis, will almost certainly drop opiate addiction.
    So either get that and grow some of your own indica or the previous post about just leaving and let him understand what hurts more to not have, a kid and wife or roxys. The latter is dangerous too because if he can't see roxys as a problem then they may become a solution to depression felt from you leaving. Try treat it then leave if this doesn't work.
  5. I dont agree, I think if she leaves him, he will self medicate the shit out of himself even more. In my honest opinion, I would ask him to please go to rehab. Have tears in your eyes. Tell him what you have told us. Say you love him very much and don't want your baby to grow up without his daddy, but you can't go on in the relationship without him being clean.
  6. this is fantastic advice

    harsh as it sounds the reality is if you stay the misery will continue

    as Pen said if you leave and he has an epiphany then great

    have you got somewhere you can stay - even if it's only for a week or two - friends/family?
  7. Yes roxys are opiate based they're the same as oxys only less strong.All the same stupid shit
    As much as leaving seems like the last thing i wanna do is almost like everytime i think of a solution thats what's coming up in my head.I just keep making excuses in my head cause im scared! like i have to have somewhere to go that's safe for my son.I dont have much family around here except for his family.I could go to his mom's with the baby for a while.And of course keeping my son safe is my #1priority!it really hurts though the thought that he might put pills before me and our son and the baby's so smart even though he's only 2 he knows there's something wrong with mommy n daddy =( breaks my heart
  8. Be careful, he may not see it as putting pills ahead of you guys but rather a way to deal with "losing" you guys because synthetic opiates are very precise and designed for addiction, confronting a chemical addiction with emotion rather than an opposing chemical could just breed more emotion and thus more use of the initial chemical.
    Even mild depression does not work with opiates. It would be safer to do a baby step of treatment, if it doesn't work, then cold turkey him by leaving.
  9. Be honest with him

  10. This is the best advice. I know it's hard. There is a beautiful, little boy involved and you need to be more concerned with his wellbeing over your fiances right now. What would you do if that sweet little boy accidentally got into his daddy's stash and ate some of his pills? It would be a tragedy. You need to remove yourself and your son from that environment and then let him know you're serious. He needs to get clean if he wants his family in his life. You cannot afford to lose your baby over your boyfriend's carelessness.

    The drugs have taken over his life at this point, not a whole hell of alot else matters. You need to shock him back into reality.
  11. Ever consider the show Intervention:confused:

    Was watching that the other day. Crazy stuff
  12. Your doing the right thing. I'm a heroin addict and my adventure with opiates started in January 2009. I shoot up multiple times a day now, for a while I was doing a lot of Roxicodone & Oxycontin. After no time at all my tolerance grew to around 100mg per day. With you fiance using over that long of a time period it is clear that he is an opiate addict. The only way for you to help him is through rehabilitation which won't work unless he wants it himself, most addicts go right back to using after getting out. Opiate addiction is terrible but when it comes down to it I know how much an opiate fiend loves an opiate and without motivating him to quit he will continue to waste every dollar he gets on opiates if he needs to. He probably isn't going to change anytime soon you might wanna just take the baby and start a new life. Explain to the child later why there was a gap in time when he didnt see his father, when hes old enough to understand. In the meantime that will show your fiance your serious about him getting help and its usually reality checks like so that work to get addicts into treatment.
  13. The only two choices I see that you have is to either leave him, or do some sort of an intervention. Staying with him just because you love him isn't a good enough reason to expose your child to someone with an addiction.
  14. haha do what i did, i had a friend who was a hardcore pill popper, and he also got into heavy use of coke and other shit, so one day i baught some Alaskian Thunder fuck and Sour D, and mixed it together and rolled a big blunt, called him over and said that this would make him stop, he refused to at first then tryed my super potient blunt. and we had a blast. i finnaly confronted him about it

    told him that weed is alot better and funner than the shit he was doing. he agreed and now he has cut back on the shit he used to do, Im talking like doing coke maybe once every 6 months to a year, from doing it like every 2 days. and quit pills all together.

    Just smoke him up something fearce. and talk to him about it

    Thats really all the advise i can give you, it might work, but if not i would try a counciling season or rehab or something if its really that bad
  15. tell him your out unless he stops with the Roxxys and your taking your son with you

  16. true dat
  17. my gf was addicted to roxys as well as some other shit (xanax, crack, alcohol)and we have a girl thats almost 2. she was snorting 3-4 30mg roxys a day. it was hard for me to do but i told her that if she did not go to rehab that i was gonna take the baby and leave her. after a few tense fights she finally broke down and went to rehab, only after I ASSURED her that a milion times that the baby would b taken care of. she was in inpatient from february till about early may. now she is clean and going to NA meetings twice a week. im sooo proud of her for actually doin it!! if everything is still goin good im goin to ask her to marry me on her b-day (Dec. 9th).

    I hope everything works out for you OP like it did for me. IT CAN BE DONE :D
  18. That's sweet.I hope she stays clean for your lil girl's sake she needs her mommy just like my son NEEDS his a strong beliver that kids need both their parents in their lives.
    I left my house 2days ago .I am currently staying at my mother in law's with my son(my fam is out of state) .He's aunt is watching him for me while i work this wk. I told him i was coming back in 7days and that if he wasn't going to get clean he needed to be gone when i come back he's been blowing up my phone. his mother was telling me if he doesnt get clean now i need to leave him before it gets any worst.His dad did pretty much the same thing to her when her kids were still babies.He had a really bad crack problem when he finally got clean he had put her through so much that their marriage was done.It scares me for my son it's like this disease that the men in their family are cursed with.Its hard 4me to look at his addiction like a disease when he's lying to my face im not like"humm he's doing this cause he's sick" like someone who has diabetes and you can actually see how sick they are everyday of their life.
    The only person i love unconditionally that no matter what he does im STILL going to be there for is my SON.i told he's father that when i left. he's pushed me to my limit. im fuckin hurt
    Oh and i had to get a new screen name cause i forgot my password tryed to get it back but couldn't:(

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