anyone been talking about the sikh massacre?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dankydankk, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. I haven't seen a thread, but its fucked up sikh's are so peaceful
  2. when i saw this story break on the news it scared the shit out of me

    the world is changing, fast.
  3. The dude probably got em confused with Muslims like a dumbass
  4. He did.
  5. Is that a forsure? I was reading that they'll probably never know what the motive was besides white supremacy
  6. It's interesting how people keep saying "he must have thought they were Muslims" as though it would be slightly more acceptable or understandable if that were the case.

    That comment is not directed towards the poster above, but it just keeps coming up in news articles, etc.

    I find it a bit unsettling.
  7. I think that's because a racist neonazi skinhead you'd think would hate Islamics,and is ignorant enough to confuse Indians with Arabic people, but I don't think its any less awful anyway

  8. The reports I've read indicate he was a white supremacy kind of racist. It probably could have been any group he found unworthy.

    I'm surprised the gun grabbers haven't started yelling louder. Two horrible attacks so close in timing. The skihs all carry knifes. This just reinforces the old saying of "you don't bring a knife to a gun fight". Wow, that sounded really insensitive, but I'm too baked to wordsmith it.

  9. THe guy who did it was a white supremacist, right-wing asshole. I consider it the second shot fired in the coming war in this country over ideology.

    The first was Scott Roeder firing a bullet into George Tiller's brain.

    Funny, you never hear about liberals shooting places up or planting bombs. It's always right wingers.

    Tim McVeigh, anybody? The right wingers are terrorists. ALL of them.

  10. Right wingers are stupid by default.
  11. nope.. just a threat to the guy who is doing the sirius movie. some disclosure project thing and his dad was killed in the massacre. neato

  12. The main terrorist in the world right now is a liberal. His name is Barack Obama, you may have heard of him.
  13. I like when people blame the president like he's the sole entity responsible for all the country's problems, not realizing he's a just figurehead for a complex web of many people.

  14. I like when people make excuses for the President and blame everything on a nebulous group of people, ignoring the fact that the President has control over the military as commander-in-chief of the US Armed Forces, and therefore is by far the person who holds the most blame for their actions.
  15. They are being allowed to carry their kirpans (ceremonial dagger), at the London Olympics. They also have secured the right to carry them in Canadian court houses: Sikhs

    Sikhs may be non-violent, but at the annual NYC Sikh Day Parade, they always demonstrate their expert skills with swords. Too bad one of them wasn't able to stop that killer in Wisonson last week.

  16. LOL, big sword little shield.

    I heard the most disturbing news report. It was calling for changing the way people think about guns. To quote it "we need to change the way people in this country think about guns. We need to brainwash them..."

    I couldn't find the clip but while searching I did find a clip of good old Eric Holder saying we need to brainwash young people to change the way they think about guns back in 1995.

  17. LOL that was funny. Clearly liberals are the dumb cry babies.
  18. ^ No kidding! I was just thinking about them two on a thread.
  19. Sikh temple shooter seems to have followed 'lone wolf' path -

    "So far, it has led to the same dark image: a 40-year-old skinhead band guitarist who stepped alone out of his SUV, walked alone to the temple, fired a Springfield Armory XDM handgun at the elderly turbaned priests and other worshipers inside and finally, crippled by a police marksman's bullet, fired a fatal round into his own head."

    If Nazi's were socialist...why does the media say 'right-wing' when referring to neo-nazis?

    Are neo-nazis nothing like original nazis?

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