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anyone around annapolis maryland?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by take it higgher, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. just wondering some prices of different bud for me it goes

    5-10g for mids

    15 for kb

    20 for headies

    25 for import/superdank

    not really seeing much hash but normally around 30g

    and weres your favorite spot to toke?:smoke:
  2. yea, thats what i pay. its a little rediculous, all i hear is about people paying 25 for half and eighth of fire, and i pay 25 for one g of name brand heads, which are getting gradually harder to find in the area. i toke in the alleys in downtown.
  3. New York:



  4. im a few miles from annapolis

    $25 an eighth for kb

    $55 an eighth for dank
  5. I'm like right across the bridge man, live on Kent island. I haven't found a dealer yet man :(
  6. Wow, same here in New york.
  7. Im in howard county, and i pay:



    100-125/ quarter

    Everything i get is super dank though. Last time i even saw mids was in Pennsylvania.
  8. I'm from Charles county, waldorf area... Weeds blowin but right across the bridge I get good shit
  9. I'm right near Annapolis

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