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  1. All you have to do to witness the beauty and mystery of existence/the universe, is open your eyes. Its everywhere. Theres is no escaping from it because it surrounds you; it is you and you are it. But it seems like most people just have their eyes shut and their fingers in their ears. They don't realize that we are all one, carved from the same matter and living on the same world together. To kill something or someone is to kill part of yourself. If everyone were to open their eyes and truly see, there would be no such thing as war, theft or disparity. I don't know if I'm explaining my point of view too well, because a worldview is a difficult thing to put into words, but does anyone see where I'm coming from here? :)
  2. I see you. You are coming from me.
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    I see you man. We are living the dream. Why get stuck in your own thoughts, when you could just as easily compare yours with your other selves? Maybe then we could peacefully accept our co-existence in this wonderfully amazing universe of existence.
  4. (my thoughts after reading this)

    What's preventing the people from opening their eyes?

    Like, are they voluntarily closing their eyes, or are they even able to open their eyes?

    May be the muscles that move the eye lids have gone limp due to long period of not using it, and now they can't open their eyes even if they wanted to.
  5. its the system that prevents people from seeing the truth, cause we so graciously accept the false illusion of ego/statues/identity all for the greater glory of our social expectations far removed from our origins in creation where once we dwelt in harmony with life, where my ego was no more greater then a single spec of sand which makes up a great desert.

    Almost like a grand theatrical performance and our emotions are the actors, cause as we all know emotions is what makes us "feel" alive. hehe
  6. Yes I think you're onto something. Its seems like some kind of metaphorical muscular dystrophy of the collective eyelids of society.
  7. People get lost in their egoic minds, and when you have a system of political leaders who encourage us to hate our enemies (the fascists, then the communists, now the 'terrorists', whatever that means) and draw up mental barriers between 'them' and 'us', it is so easy to fall prey to the delusion of individuality. That state of delusional individuality causes you to suffer in the long run, and internal suffering manifests as actions that cause the world to suffer. I think Buddhists would call that bad karma?

    It's such an unfortunate state of nature that we, as a species, have this tendency to see others (humans or otherwise) as either competitors/enemies to hate and kill or weaklings who deserve to be exploited.
  8. Us... And them...
    And afterall we're just ordinary men...
  9. Intellectual belief and willingness can't show you the actual oneness of everyone though. It's possible, and I agree you do have to open your eyes, but in the sense of the astral eye. Through that means it's possible to directly perceive the essential unity of everything. It's not until actual practice of this spreads throughout the world that true world peace and brotherhood will come.

  10. Yes I agree, I understand that there is a very big difference between intellectual knowledge, known with the mind, and true intuitive knowledge, known in the heart, from experience. is that what you mean by the 'astral eye'?.
    I hope to one day be able to actually perceive this Oneness for myself through meditation.
    Would it be like the difference between reading about the curvature of the Earth in a text book, and actually seeing it for yourself from space?
  11. I don't subscribe to any religions, ideologies or deities. However, if i were to associate my name with a specific reasoning behind the world it would be in respect to Pythagoras and his followers (aptly called the Pythagorians) who believe the beauty of the world and it's fundamental marvels are the result of a universal makeup of geometry and mathematics.

    You can see it all around you every day; the golden rectangle, Fibonacci numbers, pi, e, phi etc.. these patterns flourish in everything, from the details of a flower's petals, the tides of the ocean, the frequencies of musical notes all the way to the stock market of our economy.
    With a garden this beautiful why does there have to be a gardener? i find it far more magnificent that the world is embodied in these wonderful symmetries and patterns through a cacophony of sublime phenomenons.
  12. It's not very convenient for me to type right now but I just want to say

    Yeah man. Keep them coming. Reading is no problem. :smoke:
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    I feel the same way

  14. Yes the remarkable order that arises when you combine huge amounts of matter with universal laws to govern said matter are what makes the universe a beautiful place. Like you said, patterns and order seem to just arise naturally in the universe without any need for a creator deity or intelligent designer, or whatever you want to call it. Life its self is just another example of a pattern, like music but instead of notes and scales you have DNA and natural selection. Most everything in the universe is a work of art to behold.
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    I agree man.. People often get trapped in the box of self, instead of realising the bigger box where ALL in.. check these quotes out:

    And there's the song to the last quote if your interested:


    I can't say I completely agree with the pessimism in the song, but I think it makes a valid point.. With good, comes the bad. No matter how hard we try, I think bad will always be there to interpret. But I think the song also does a good job of portraying that bad to cater to the denying ego. The awake state is the state of awareness, and the more aware we can make reality, the better off it is. I do agree with the statement ignorance is bliss though..

    The world is full of individuality and uniqueness. It just sucks that the uniqueness has to partake in such attrocities..

  16. It's somewhat like that analogy. An intellectual belief in our unity won't actually bring about world change, because people are not changed fundamentally by mere belief. Once people can actually perceive by their own will power and concentration, that the world and everything in it springs from the same one source, then we will have a heaven on earth.

    The seat of intuitive knowing is the heart chakra, you are correct about that. What I was referring to is the astral eye though, which is located in your mid forehead area. It is by directing your energy and consciousness towards the astral eye chakra that enables people to actually experience oneness, not in imagination or visions, but in reality. The underlying energy and light that exists behind the physical can be seen in reality, but not with the physical eyes. Then you can go even further to perceive the One Spirit that exists as the foundation of everything in the universe.

    Until one experiences these things they don't truly "know" about them. They simply believe in them. True knowers of wisdom are extremely rare on this earth, but there is definitely a growing interest in real spirituality and a growing dissatisfaction with organized religion.
  17. How about we agree to stop war but also realize that some groups simply aren't going to get all. Speaking of war...something really fishy is going on with NATO/U.S. and these pre-emptive Serbia/Iran/Iwhatever watchmacallits.

    I don't think we're ever going to hold hands and sing kumbayah around the world
  18. Not until the world governments crumble from the new age appearing. Change will happen. It just depends if we do it before we have too.. All governments are failing and the world is going to shit for resources.. Once our old mentality can be replaced with an age of actually solving our problems, we'll be much better off in a peaceful world.

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