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Anyone afraid of becoming Shizo from weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skatealex2, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. I've been blazing for awhile and I talk to myself alot and it bugs me out sometimes. I'm considering cutting back my blazing to once every few days cause I feel like daily blazing in the long term can lead to mental health issues. There hasn't really been many studies on weed so we can only learn from ourselves but I can see weed fucking someone up mentally from daily blazing.

    Maybe I'm wrong but I think this idea deserves a thread cause weed can be a strong psychedelic at times and on a nightly basis I'm not sure how good that is for your mind...:eek:
  2. I see what you are saying. but i personally think your fine mine man. just cut back maybe. but you will not turn into the old psycho pothead that talks to himself down the block when you are older. ahahahahaha

    but for real your good. take her easy for a lil bit. :smoking:
  3. There is no evidence to support that.

    Drug use, including cannabis can exacerbate and precipitate mental conditions such as schizophrenia and schizoid personality disorder, but they need to already exist. It's an underlying condition, not one that is CAUSED by drug use.

    If you feel strongly about this, I suggest you consult your physician, and they may or may not recommend you to a specialist. It's always smart to be on the safe side.

  4. Sam Spade... my boy! haha
  5. I don't feel strongly about it, but it's an idea I had, and I saw on other psychedelic forum a discussion on whether psychedelics can create mental issues like sciz, and weed is a psychedelic in my book. The only real effect I get from weed so far after long term use is some social anxiety but that might just be me and not the weed.
  6. Weed can trigger schiz in people that already have some some sort of underlying mental problems I think.

    Use Google.
  7. I agree, Sam_Spade. If marijuana was going to "bring out" an underlying psychotic condition you'd probably already be aware that you had it.

    If marijuana caused psychosis then the rate of psychosis would go up everytime the rate of marijuana use went up (just how we see the rate of lung cancer goes up everytime the rate of tobacco smoking increases). But this doesn't happen. Since the 60's the rate of marijuana use has gone up and then fallen again, while the rate of psychosis in the population has remained virtually static.

    Marijuana use does not cause psychosis.
  8. Weed is not a psychadelic.
  9. Lol, you've obviously never smoked some fire.

  10. There has been many extensive studies on cannabis that have shown it not to cause permanant brain problems. And also marijuana is a psychoactive drug not a psycadelic drug.
  11. Right, it isn't a psychadelic.

    It is a psychedelic
  12. You took the words right off the tips of my fingers... +rep, Sam, good as always.
  13. hahahaahahhaah this thread is funny

  14. i got fire growing in my backyard right now that would knock you on your ass. hahaha but yeah i dont know what i was saying... i was really high.
  15. I have always heard that psychedelics bring out underlying mental conditions (depression is included).

    So, if you have a family loaded with mental disorders your probably fucked anyway so just be ripped and enjoy your non-existing friends. best part is, they make you laugh when your ripped and you never have to smoke them up.

    but seriously, if your worried talk to a doctor. doctor patient confidentiality ftw.
    or just take a break.

    and if it makes you feel anybetter, I talk to myself as well sometimes.
  16. There have actually been numerous studies on weed, none of which point to marijuana causing mental disorders. To even become schizophrenic, you must have a predisposition to it, weed is not going to give you schizoprenia.

    Oh, and weed is not a strong psychedelic.
  17. Dude I believe it weed + alot of stress makes you schizo, happend to me once, never liked that shit. I was being paranoid as shit, and started seeing people following my asss around, the same 4 people they were everywhere. I saw them in the grocery store, the parking lot and one time i watched a car infront of me transform from the people following me to another car it flipped me the fuck out. Then I chilled out and let my stress go and it went away. But it was a hell of a ride for about a month. Damn growing alittle herb can exhaserbate some shit definitely.:eek:
  18. Na, I'm aware of when my smoking is going overboard and I have the willpower to cut back. I smoke more herb than anybody I know (besides my dealers) and I get zero cravings for herb.

    Too many stoners have fooled themselves and convinced their psyche to be dependent on the herb. If you can realize when you're abusing the drug you can prevent the negative side effects (being a burnout, paranoia, anxiety attacks, etc.) from ever happening.
  19. Science > your beliefs

    That's called a psychotic episode, not schizophrenia.
  20. I read somewhere that the reason why weed is shown not to cause mental problems or brain damage is because when THC binds to your brain it doesnt wear down the receptors or damage them in any way. Other drugs, like alcohol bind to these receptors but wear them down or damage them. Still since smoking weed causes happiness and changes your mood, people can become dependent mentally and have some forms of depression, but no phsycosis or schiz

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