Anyone add nutes every watering?

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    this is the 2nd watering in a row that i've added nutes to my one plant. i am using Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Gro. i am giving 5ml of nutes to 40oz water. the plant is responding well to the 2nd dose nutes.

    my plant is 26 days into its veg. stage, in 3 gal. pots/indoors

    the consensus seems to be adding nutes every other watering...
  2. For a couple of weeks i fed my plants with every water but i used rabbit poo tea too fed them on. Maybe it depends on what you are using

    Too much food could result in nuit burn and you dont want that.
  3. The rule is fert-water-water - repeat.
  4. That's what i am going to do now. But when bigger Water Than Fert Water, Fert and so on

    Do most people flush two weeks before or a month? i know both ways are good but if u only wait 1-2 weeks you'll get more yield. But a month it will taste better.
  5. If they're big and you don't burn them with high concentrations of nutes, every other time is ok, you're right Burnedhaze.

    The flushing concept is a debate because some growers don't do it, thinking it's unnecessary and doesn't affect the taste. I finish the last 3 weeks with only water and molasses as most people seem to do. The taste also depends if you're using chemicals or organics. With chemicals, it's recommended to "flush" in the last 3-4 weeks with water or water and molasses. This avoids salt build up or something.?
  6. I actually fert every other watering. But I alternate ferts.
  7. I nuted my last 2 times and my plants are suffering serious nute burn so ill be adding nutes after 2 waterings

  8. What ferts are u running? have you noticed improvements using this?

    and as for feeding:
    water, feed, water, feed; keep the concentrations on the lower side. if your still vegging try foilar feeding (organic wetting agent, seltzer water, and fox farms big bloom *(guano, castings ect) ) work well with me, giving them a spray shortly after lights come on, and right before they come off.

    hope this helps
  9. Everyone in the sick and dying plant forum does. Agreed at least one plain water before feeding again.
  10. BioCanna and my own Russian comfrey fert (link below).

    To view results see my outdoor grow journal

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