Anyone a Vegetarian?

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  1. I've been one for a month or so, and I was wondering what you do for proteins, and if you guys have any great recipes!!! thankssssss
  2. Eat nuts.

  3. This [ame=]TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving - Epic Meal Time - YouTube[/ame]
  4. Dude, look at the protien in various nuts, I am not kidding.

  5. i know i believe you!!! i eat nut all the time. sometimes it dribbles down my chin too:eek:
  6. I eat a lot of quorn, a meat substitute.
    Quorn sausages, quorn bacon, quorn chicken nuggets, quorn beef strips ect
    Don't know if you can get it outside of UK/Ireland though.

    If not quorn, I'll have tofu.
    I eat a lot of eggs as well, 3/4 times a week.
  7. What's a quorn? How do you pronounce that?


  8. i presum you pronouce it like it looks. sometimes sounding it out does the motherfucking trick!

    yeah im gonna try tofu soon, but i cant eat those dead fucking chicks that are called eggs
  9. Beans got a lot of protein. I make some bomb bay re-fried beans. I boil some pinto beans for 6 hours then I heat up a pan and caramelize onions and garlic with a pinch of kosher salt and some black pepper, then I toss the boiled beans into the pan and smash them up and the sweetness of the caramelize onions and garlic make it taste delicious:yummy:

    I also put hemp protein powder in my shakes.

  10. Q-worn.

    And it's made out of microprotein.
    It's a common meat substitute in Ireland and the UK.
    Tastes and looks like the real deal, but it's completely meat/chicken/fish free :)
  11. So it's meat-free meat?

    That is crazy... Lol...

    It's like "weed that's just like weed, but not really weed"...

    Actually I think I know what you're talking about. I just never knew it was called Q-worn.


  12. Some elitist vegetarians detest quorn eaters because we're eating 'imitation meat' which is 'offensive' to the animal community


    enough said
  13. I've been a vegetarian for about 2 months right now. I eat a lot of lentils, whole grains (like quinoa), potatoes, cauliflower, etc. hope that helps and good luck at staying vegetarian!

    out of curiosity, why did you start being a vegetarian-like for health reasons, or for moral/ethical reasons, or just to try it?
  14. Nope...


  15. I started off as one of those 'save the animals' freaks when I was a young teenager. Just stopped eating all meat/chicken/fish.
    Nearly 20 now. My opinions on a lot of animal welfare issues may of changed but I still haven't started eating meat. It just seems weird now.
  16. [quote name='"married2mj"']

    Wow a gay guy who's not a vegeterian?

    Always thought it was weird anyways since gay dudes love meat so much in other contexts.[/quote]

    :laughing: I've never met a gay guy that was a vegetarian.

  17. Weird. I've met a few and I haven't known many gay dudes so I just assumed it was a common thing :laughing:

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