Anyoe Have Any Extra Lowrider Seeds???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by cody61122, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. Anyone have any extra lowrider seeds?
  2. No, I\'m pretty sure no one is going to send you any seeds when you have 1 post.

    Try a seed bank.
  3. for real ^^

    this type of thread is against the rules, no hook ups or hand outs.

    just do what every one else does n pay $$ for your seed instead of being a lame-oid and asking for freebies
  4. not only that people... but have you ever noticed that almost everyone that asks for beans has no post count under their belt?

    either they\'re noobs with a case of the gimmes, or officer friendlies. i just don\'t trust anyone without a deep post count one bit. i doubt any 5-0s would get a deep count because 1, it\'s too much effort, and 2, the word would get out on them the second they turned on someone.

    as mentioned too, it\'s against the rules.

    seriously, does anyone ever read the rules when they join a forum? it\'s not like they\'re ever written in legalese or take an hour to skim.

  5. dude, it\'s a weed forum haha

    but your point is understood.
  6. the rules are stickied in each part of the forum as a reminder -- people always have the oppurtunity to read, not just when they become a member. its one less warning mods have to give before they give a member a beating with the ban stick.
  7. Do not ask for hookups. Not a good first post! Read the rules. consider this a warning.
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