Anybody working with feminized Blueberry?

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  1. A good friend of mine was growing some feminized Blueberry and gave me some clones. I've never grown this strain before and it is an absolutely beautiful plant, but I swear, this is the slowest growing strain I've ever dealt with. I took the clones in late January or early February and I've just now gotten 3 or 4 of them large enough to go in for flower. Actually, they're not as large as I would like for them to be but I'm just tired of them taking up so much room in my veg space. I've already cloned twice more off my White Widow plants with the second bunch in flowering now, and still haven't gotten any of the Blueberry strain. LOL I did finally put one of the plants into flower about a week ago and it is absolutely beautiful now that buds have started forming. I've taken jute string and tied down the shoots to open the plant up and allow the inside to get more light and the thing is just amazing the way it's growing. But it's just too dang slow. LOL Was just wondering if anyone else out there was working with this particular strain and experiencing the same slowness of growth and can let me know if it's a strain that they enjoy partaking of. I was told that it was supposedly a strain that wasn't as strong as the White Widow, my primary strain at the moment. Thank you. TWW
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  2. I'm growing a feminized Blueberry x Cheese cross from Female Seeds Co. along with 3 other strains started at the same time (including a WWXBB). The Blueberry Cheescake (that's what they call it) is markedly smaller than the others. Probably half the size.
  3. Yea. That sounds about like what I've got going here. The plant itself (the only one I've got in flower at the moment) is probably one of the most beautiful plants I've ever seen or grown but I swear, it took me forever to get it big enough that it felt it would be profitable to flower it. The node spacing on all of them (think I've got 8 total) is the tightest I've ever seen on a MJ plant. Now, I've topped the heck out of them along the way too, and that didn't help the speed of growth either, but I'll try to get a pic of it today or tonight and post it. Part of my problem was just stupidity. A few months back, I ordered a new 4 ft., 4 bulb, T5 to help when I have too many in large containers for the normal veg space to handle. We only used it occasionally, but it's a killer good and strong light. It dawned on me the other day that I needed to swap the two veg lights out and put the new one in the space where the old one has been since we use it more and it's a stronger light. So, we swapped them around and that's made a huge difference in the rate of growth. I've got to order some new bulbs for the old light. I've been using it for about 2 years now and the bulbs definitely need replaced. But these plants are like kids. They all do their thing their way. LOL TWW
  4. This auto I grow now has some Blueberry in it. I don't get too hung up on the crazy names they give either pot or any other seed like tomato or pumkin. The blueberry was chosen by the breeder because a lot of vapers like it and it is very sticky. I like it because of the sativa. But to call it unstable would be innaccurate, but each bud is definately different.
    But finally questions about pot are becoming strain specific. Took me a long time to realize the reason my plants looked different from the pictures on grasscity were different because they were different strains. But the problem is, when you say cheesy blueberry kush pie, nobody really knows what you are talking about.
  5. Im growing 1 blueberry fem and 3 bubblegum, the bluberry was slow to srart and a bit slow after topping, but now has caught up with the rest and is a bit taller than them now. Im 3 weeks into veg. The blueberry is a nice plant can smell her in veg and lovely leafs with a hint of blue, i cant wait to see some bud [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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