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Anybody with high cholesterol? Statins?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by NoobGrower., Apr 13, 2021.

  1. I had a blood test in January and my “bad” HDL cholesterol was 180 (almost double recommended) and “good” LDL was 38 (blood clot waiting to happen). Terrible numbers. I regularly exercise (average 2.5 miles of jogging a day and do CrossFit ), and I tried harder to watch the red meats and fats in my diet. I weigh 165lbs, so I’m in pretty good shape.

    I Took another blood test last week and my bad is still super high at 184 but my good has gone up to 45. So the ratio is much better. However no progress on dropping HDL. My doctor said it can be hereditary and advised me to start on statins.

    anybody have experience like this? How do you tolerate statins? Did they help?

    thanks in advance!
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  2. I Don't Really Know Much About This at All But I Hope You Get Some Answers....Stay Safe Please! I Respect You Alot!

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  3. Be careful if you try Niacin. It causes flushing. I tried a modest amount and I thought I was going to spontaneously combust.
    Statins... I have taking these for many years on and off. Lipitor. After my heart bypass 16 years ago they left me on a diet of 4 of these every day because like you, my LDL/HDL figures are bad. And I'm a pescatarian. But then after about a year, I got rhabdomyelosis from the statins so I stopped immediately. After talking to a cardiologist I restarted with just 1 per day and I've had no problems. Try eating no red meat, halve your protein consumption, double your vegetable and fruit consumption.
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  4. Thanks @MrMota Been a while since this post. Since then, i was put on a 20mg statin per day. My last blood work and my ldl cholesterol went down from 187 to 87. Like a miracle drug.

    I haven’t had any ill effects from the statins. So good news all around!
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  5. I had high LDL as well. I cut down on the burgers hot dogs and fried foods. Been eating a lot more steaks and veggies instead, and my LDL came down.

    For some strange reason, all my arteries and vessels are pristine. Heart is bad though (Congenital/birth defect).
  6. We can't escape our DNA. After my bypass op, I asked the surgeon, was it that I'd been a smoker? Was it all the fish n chips? He laughed and asked how old my father had lived to. 64. 'There's your answer.'
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  7. Yes I take 80 mg Atorvastatin daily for the last 7 years. I'm 26, in relatively good shape (was not when I started on it) and notice little no side effects
  8. Just beware the CBG of weed can overdose any statins you take, simply by proving difficult to excrete the statins

    However, there is a possible complication involving the use of CBD and cholesterol medication. CBD inhibits the activity of several liver enzymes. They include those responsible for metabolizing the cholesterol drugs simvastatin and atorvastatin.(
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  9. Yup.
    My father had a stroke and has a pacemaker now.
    He's about 64.. still goes spearfishing and his business.
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  10. What symptoms are associated with your high cholesterol? Do you get tingling?
  11. My good and bad cholesterol are both low. My doc said that it could be my swarthy ethnicity.

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