Anybody with Cisco Certs?

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  1. Hey all,

    I'm in some networking courses for college, and I'm looking for some great resources that will prepare for the CCNA/CCNP exams.

    I'm not a fan of crammers, I actually want to understand the material other than treating the Cisco books like bibles.

    Any thoughts?
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    Not Cisco Certified (yet) but I can send you the current curriculum for the Cisco 1 & 2 courses if you are not already enrolled. You will also need packet tracer as the labs in the book use it to show you how the material works in the real world. Of course, you need a basic-decent understanding of networking in order to follow along and keep up.

    Packet Tracer is great if you dont already have it, it allows you to simulate a network all without having to get off of your ass or pay thousands of dollars for equipment. Love it.

    What networking courses are you currently enrolled in? Also its great that youre against cramming as it does not help you at all in the long run. You may be able to pass the test by cramming but actually applying the knowledge gained in the real world is the hard part. Let me rephrase that, its only hard if you do not know what you are doing. LOL
  3. I'm in ICND1 right now, just learning the basics.

    I've got packet tracer and GNS3, which is packet tracer on 'roids.

    I won't turn down the ICND2 material if you have it though. :hello:

    What are you focusing on the most for the cert exam? I'm pretty sure it's just router & switch configs, subnetting, and the OSI model. Could be wrong, but it's a shot :confused:
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    For the most part you got it. Subnetting seems to be a huge part of it so far as I can tell. Almost anyone who is computer literate and has a brain can use a command line to configure something, but its about having the confidence and the know-how to get the job in a timely manner. Thats why you must actually learn the content and be able to apply the knowledge. You also have to know routing protocols and how they work, such as how they update the route tables and the pros and cons of using each.

    Thanks for reminding me about gsn3, I remember someone in class mentioning it and I was interested but I forgot to download it and play around.

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