anybody watching adult swim right now?

Discussion in 'General' started by supernothing351, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. ok this weird ass show m watching on adult swim is cool right now cuz i just finished a nice bowl. i think its called jail break. its so unpredictable when your blitzed ahaha. the tim and eric awesome show, and look around you are coming on next and those shows are awesome too.

    anybody else watch these shows?
  2. tim and eric is coming on!? i thought that was like cancelled

    shouldnt robot chicken be on?

    havent watched adult swim in mad long
  3. You mean Super Jail, and it's fuckin awesome.

    I love [adult swim]
  4. New episode of Tim and Eric tonight! Fuck yeah!
  5. I'd really like to get in the minds of the guys @ the Tim & Eric show; it's unlike anything else on TV.
  6. I'm waiting for midnight to roll around so I can watch united states of tara. That show is hilarious.
  7. no they had a big schedule change and its on earlier i think. where im at tim and eric is on at 11:30. i love that show. i cant figured out if they smoke a shit load of weed or none at all haha. i highly suggest watching look around you. its soooooo ridiculous when your blazed.

    and yea keinmitlied i meant super jail. i dont know where the fuck i got jail break haha. dat MJ haha
  8. I can't stand tim and eric awesome show. How is that show funny? Squidbillies is where its at, but thats not on tonight :(
  9. i guess i just dont get squidbillies. it just confuses me and i dont find it funny. lets just agree to disagree haha. im gonna keep trying to watch the squidbillies tho cuz some shows just have an aquired humor
  10. I find squidbillies hilarious since my best friend is from Arkansas
  11. Adult swim is where it's at when you're high, I hate it when Im not though

  12. I've never really watched Adult Swim sober. I'm pretty sure all the shows on Adult Swim were made to be watched high. :D

    I don't know if any of you have seen the Tim and Eric episode where Tim goes into the bong shop and buys 2 bongs. That kind of clued me in that they are stoners and that is a stoner show.
  13. love adult swim..

    but i hate all these shows that are not even cartoons...fuck saul the mole man and fuck tim and eric..

    they sicken me with their cheap parlor tricks and disturbing imagery
  14. fuck yeah, super jail is the shit.
    after blazing that is one of the craziest shows i've ever seen.
    all the random clips of violence and surprises..
    so intense yet so trippy.
    especially that episode where he's trying to creep into the prisoners' dreams.
  15. Super Jail is simply bottled awesome.

    Tim & Eric can die in a fire with dicks in thier asses. That show makes me want to puke its so stupid
  16. agreed. I missed the episode last night though. I watch The L Word and then forget USoT is on afterward.

    never seen the Super Jail show.. I don't really watch adult swim anymore besides Family Guy. the shows are just really retarded. I miss back in like 2004-2005 when I could stay up until like 5 am and watch all those good shows like Home Movies, Baby Blues and so on.

  17. Home Movies is still on. Just not as much, and not till 4 in the morning. Its my favorite show on Adult Swim...or used to be.
  18. i like futurama, but of course that's not on adult swim anymore (or not much, that i know of) and it's on comedy central. i love that show though.

    and yeah family guy is great, of course, american dad is funny too but obviously not as good as family guy.

    the tim and eric show IS retarded, seriously they think that putting pointless skits on television is going to be funny to adults that watch that network.

    metalacolypse is great, especially after blasted, makes me feel like i'm in a very hilarious/dark comic book about metalheads.

    robot chicken is good, i enjoy watching that when i'm high. some of the clips are a little pointless, but i'll let it go since seth green is pretty damn funny.
    and cause he was great in "idle hands".

    i think the fact that they put king of the hill on every night from 10-11 is a little dumb, but that show's OKAY i guess. to be honest i liked it better when it was just on some other channel like fox or some shit.

    aqua teen hunger force is the SHIT. anyone who thinks other wise shouldn't be watching adult swim in the first place...

    i just saw a couple of episodes of 12 oz. mouse, that's a pretty funny show i guess.
    i wasn't high though so i didn't enjoy it as much as i would've. if i was, this probably would've been a more positive response.
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    we are on the same wavelength dude..

    love metalapoacalypse...

    "Thats my bread and butter your fucking with asshole."

  20. yeah dude, metalocalypse is great.

    sometimes if i'm THAT blazed i'll start to feel a little sick to my stomach from all the weird shit going on in that show....

    and superjail too.

    but that might just be a side effect of all the munchies i'd probably just ate 10 minutes before, too.

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