anybody use growcubes?

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  1. I use Grodan Macroplugs when I'm starting off seeds. Works for what I need 'em for. That's about all I can say for 'em. :confused_2:

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  2. I've seen them used before with a hydroponic system and they worked very well, even though they're expencive.
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    I bought some. They don't stand up well, so they are a little difficult when dealing with free standing cloning. It's like fluffy cloth.

    Also had trouble germinating with growcubes. The sprout shot underneath the tougher area away from the center, and I had to cut the sprout out. Otherone's got waterlogged and died.

    Bought growdan my last purchase after this with growcubes. Happy enough with that.
  4. I'm using them for the first time. I' still having ph trouble. Any advice on the best way to use this medium please send along! I want to know if when I water or feed them should I water or feed unill the runoff comes out at the same ph and ppm that I'm putting in??
  5. I've stopped using grow cubes, now I just germ my seeds and then put them straight into hydroton after 3-4 days.

    But, when I was using the grow cubes, I would take a gallon of my reservoir water and soak the cubes for an hour before using them.
  6. Nah i'm using 5 gallons of them per pot started in 4x4 cubes in smartpots

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