anybody try these babies

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by smash, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. i was looking at this site

    and was wondering have any of you had any experience wether it be growing smoking these strains

    hollands hoop

    turtle power


    skunk red hair

    if you have had experience with these how are they, as far as size, yields, and overall quality.

  2. Im definately curious as well.
  3. anybody?
  4. id answer you but the links not working for me....
  5. MY god turtle power (right at the bottom) looks so tastyyyyy:p
  6. yeah it looks great...... like a fuckin sour pouch plant lol

    from what i've read so far there supposed to be real easy to grow. hope someone on here has had experience with it
  7. I had Hollands Hope. Grew very fast, but due to moving I had to stop the grow. Was about 3 weeks far.

  8. yes ive done misty...a few times..and also early misty from nirvana seeds.,, thought it was okay a nice grower..good luck..

    currently growing

    jock horror.

    cali orange


    keep you posted............

    p.s..i also got a broken link...?

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