Anybody tried straight rabbit manure?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Connoisseurus Rex, Dec 27, 2015.

  1. Has anyone tried growing in 100% rabbit manure?

    I grow in a 50/50 mix of rabbit and coco, for aeration purposes. Once it dries up a bit though, it's pretty airy. Just wondering if anyone has tried it and if it was a success.

    If nobody has, I'll do a side by side with the 50/50 and a straight run.


  2. I wanna see it....sounds like it will be interesting to say the least....
  3. I popped a bean in right after I posted. If it germs, I'll wait until it reaches the 3-5 node range and transplant.

    If it germs and takes off good, I'll make a journal.
  4. I have not advice for that medium, but i have used rabbit pellets in limited amounts right in my containers. So far i have not noticed any adverse effects Have fun.
  5. I use it as an amendment too. Just wanted to see if it'll grow and if so, how well.

    Just waiting for it to pop.
  6. I use rabbit berries in my soil mix (Coots style). Top dress with it, add to compost and worm bins, in the outdoor gardens pretty much everywhere. Some of my no-til pots I added 2-3 inch layer of berries in the btm of the pot then filled up the pot with soil. It works and is a great organic amendment.

    I'm old school and have been at this gardening thing for quite some time, rabbit berries have been a great soil amendment for a long time, you will be able to grow direct in it with good result.

    Llamas have a similar manure to rabbits that can be used the same way. Llama owners know this and are very protective with it so you probably wont find any available locally.

  7. If they are pet rabbits being fed predominately alfalfa mix you're golden. I collect the scat, lay it out on a screen for drying, pick all the debris out and what's left is containerized and used for everything. As beneficial to the plants environment rabbit scat will be like ALL other things less is best and don't overdo it.
    I love quality rabbit scat for soil amendment, soil drench, and composting practices. It's the best IMO if the rabbits are well fed and the scat is collected and processed well. You know...garbage in garbage out.


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