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anybody tried BC love to

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by big_will, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. i heard all this stuff on the news about it and how expensive it was. They said it costs all most as much as cocaine. I bet you it is some good shit. Man i wish i had some.

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  2. i live in bc. i dont really have anything else to compare it to though. somes good, you can get shitty stuff to. but i sold this budd that i thought was really good to these people from holland and they said it was weak..i dont know if they were trying to be showoffs, or if it really was weak. oh well it got me hi
  3. i get bc bud all the time and i get it for
    $10 a gram
  4. I would love some *look at Sig*
  5. BC bud is the best! one hit shit!
  6. its not nearly as pricey as yayo.. its pretty cheap if u get it in bc, its probly more expensive when its brought down to the states
  7. budd is budd...... living in ny most of our stuff from canada.... there is good and bad...

    i don't know about it being nearly as pricey as coke....but it can be expensive with prices raging to the highest of $350 an oz around here.....

    it's good... but i've had better... ( though im sure im not getting the best of what BC has to offer)

    who cares where it comes from,as long as its grown right and getts you lifted....

  8. it doesnt compare to good bc buds
  9. i bet good amsterdam shit would blow bc shit away
  10. yea man that northen lights bud comes round my way now and agin and the last batch i had sent my right eye left and left eye right its a major smoke and not bad for 25 pounds a egith
  11. lived in bc my whole life, and ive got to say it REALLY depends on who its comin from.

    the good stuff can be DAMN GOOOOD! but theres always a chance you get some lesser buds, theyll always be good, but not always the best.

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