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anybody smoke that 100% legal bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DiAbLo420, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. hey i was just wonderin if anybody has smoked that 100% legal bud and does it get you high?
  2. all bud is leagle,just depends on wat country ur in hehe
  3. yeah, im curious about that legal bud too, sounds interesting..
  4. There was a thread about this a wee bit back, supposedely the legal bud doesn't do all that much for ya. Kindof to be expected
  5. Think about it. If it gets you high its going to be illegal. That shit is fake just gives you a headache.
  6. DO NOT ORDER THAT CRAP. I have not ordered it but I read a review of it somewhere and they said its all crap. Its just common herbs and stuff and they press it around a wooden stick to make it look like a bud.
  7. bought the most expensive shit i could find(someone had to test this stuff) and it did nothing.. well my head hurt oh and it tasted like dirt.. not just dirt you might happen to eat when you are 5 but like if you smoked dirt it would taste like this... stay away from that crap try some nutmeg or something instead
  8. and don't call it *bud*

    that's like calling a cup of Nescafe legal speed.
  9. ^ good point...

    the ones one are actually pretty good tho (the aztec one is good)...

  10. Plenty of legal shit gets you high/fucked up
  11. ^ yeah but only about 20% of people who try salvia don't have a bad experience, about 10% find it interesting, and only 1% say they enjoy it...
  12. I take that back. I didnt mean everything is banned. I know LSA and Salvia is legal but really I remember reading in USA Today that they called salvia the new Supper Heroin. I just looked down and shook my head. There is to much misinformation going on. No wonder people are dieing not knowing what they are doing. That piss's me off. Did anyone else watch Ectasy Rsing on channel 7 the other day? I thought it was quite interesting how that scientist who said it puts wholes in your brain wouldnt even interwiew when it was proved false. Then he said oh I guess it wasnt E it was methanphetmines. What a crock of shit caught ina lie. I wonder how much the government really knows and wont tell anyone. <---a thought to ponder
  13. If you want to get high like pot, smoke pot. There are legal herbs that have SIMILAR qualities, but like I say every week when this thread seems to pop up again, there's nothing like the real thing.

    A majority of the legal buds are not buds, but pressed together herbs. They do have effects, but not nearly as satisfying as pot. It's very mild in comparison. You're better off with a blend or just the herb themselves, it'll save you money while you experiment.

  14.'s a bit diff on LSA tho.

    this from the erowid site:

  15. I bought the hawaiian herbal bud shit from and the stuff is so bad. It tastes like shit and it burns your throat like a volcano. Does not get you high, just pissed off that you can't get high.
  16. Goddman you guys are so anal Im talking about morning glory and HBWR.
  17. Yeah that bud is crap. I smoked it a couple of weekends ago 'cuz my friends bought a half ounce of it and it didn't do shit for me. I was planning on asking them if they had any left because I was gonna buy some salvia and mix it in and see the effect. :O

  18. = natural sources of LSA


    It's similar to the way natural DMT sources can be sold (albeit very very cautiously by the vendors) , but not used or processed legally.

    However, DMT isn't treated like LSA...since DMT is Schedule 1 and LSA is schedule 3.

    Morning Glory and HBWR are both usually sold as viable seeds, and for planting or "research purposes" and "not for ingestion"..

    ..both substances (DMT and LSA) are Scheduled by the DEA.
    ...both have natural sources that can be obtained legally.

    That's my point.

    Legal plants with illicit products propose a paradox in law-making that makes it virtually impossible to regulate them.

    There's a lot of loopholes out there. :D
  19. yea, I bought an oz of that crap. it doesn't do anything. and I also bought some of their other skunky what-not crap, and it was actually popuri! yea right, im gonna smoke that?! stick to the buds man
  20. Go up to a fed and ask him if its 100% legal. :p

    Id say about 75% legal...

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