Anybody seen the last harry potter movie?

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  1. Ok well i have a story a while ago i was on vacation and at a gift shop and there was this LITTLE BALD MAN in a wheelchair the size of a baby...he was so scary looking and he terrified me nd he scarred my dreams

    im almost 100% sure he was cast in the final harry potter movie... do you guys remember the scene where harry "dies" and hes in like heaven kind of and talks to dumbledore and theres the bloody little voldimort thing? THAT WAS HIM i swear, it scared the shit out of me and it tripled my high... it was bad.....
  2. I haven't even seen the first Harry Potter movie.
  3. Dude that's messed up, he probably had a disease or something and you choose to make fun of him like this?
  4. Are you that much of a pussy?
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    Wtf thats creepy
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    how the hell was there an old man shrink to the size of a baby...

    todays thursday tomorrows friday the next day is saturday YOU CANT EXPLAIN THAT

    i am trying to form a mental picture here of what you are saying and thats creepy/funny. like that damn baby from benjamin button i was like WOAH OLD BABY. I dont want to go see harry potter again though but it was good

    and im sort of laughing at this situation..your chillen watchin the movie then all of a sudden! oh shit! nightmare causing little old guy that haunts me is in this movie! while your like freaking out and your friends are like uhhhh wtf
  7. this??
  8. The subject says "Anybody seen the last harry potter movie?" and I stated I haven't even seen the first one. Now explain how I am a dick.I honestly answered the question at hand.
  9. nope, my eyes have seen enough shit.
  10. The guy probably had progeria :(
  11. U are too dumb OP, That character in Harry Potter is a CGI(computer generated image)
    not a real person. get a clue, it's dubby or however you spell it, from all the movies, a fake CGI character, just like that golum guy from Lord of the rings.. CGI.
  12. That would be pretty funny if it was the same guy u actually saw, total mind fuck lol.

  13. It's funny you're calling the OP dumb when you're wrong, he's not talking about Dobby.

  14. you are dumb i never mentioned dobby the elf... he wasnt even in the final harry potter movie..... i explained which seen it was pretty clearly

  15. you guys are both pussies... it was just a mere story when i was little i saw this scary man and when i saw harry potter the thing looked exactly like it get over yourself

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