Anybody Play Civilization 5?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nugagerube, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. ^^^^^^^^^^

  2. Yes! I love civilization, even though I'm really not that great at it. In fact, I just checked... I've spend almost 6 straight days playing this game--140 hours.  :hide:
    The worst part is that I've spent even more time playing Minecraft, bah! But these two games are actually big reasons why I switched to PC. I played Civ Revolution on PS3 and loved it. 
  3. Yea i got about that same time on my civ.

    I got civ rev for the xbox360 and liked it alot too
  4. I have 5 on my computer but not installed. Been playing a lot of 4 recently, its starting to consume my life!
  5. This is a game I have always wanted to try it's right up my alley.. just haven't got around to it, I might even have it downloaded and just need to install it.
    fyi wrong section move it to the games sub-forum get a lot more responses.

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