Anybody play Battlefield 2?

Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Want to blaze a bowl and hop in a chopper for some Dalian Plants?
  2. Sounds pretty tempting.
  3. C'mon I'll fly! I'd offer you pot too but we cant do that on the city.
  4. Damn, I don't have the disc anymore, so I can run it (with a NOCD patch) but I can't actually play a game ;_;
  5. gonna hop on now....spets1naz look for me on that map its one my favorites
  6. or we can go Wake Island 2007 and I'll show you my 187sKillz in the J-10.

    btw thats my name on BF2, 187sKillz.
  7. I forgot I even posted that. I'm down for whenever.
  8. The J10 is the best plane in the game. If you put an F35 against a J10, the J10 will win (unless the person flying it is an absolute idiot).

    I hate it when people rack up kill after kill with the J10. It has the tightest turn radius out of all jets in the game, and if you know what your doing its possible to 'shake' a missile off your tail with it.

    A real skilled pilot will be able to kill anybody with any jet.
  9. Well of course, you have to have some trick cards in your deck.

    I've taken down many a J-10 with the F-35/F-18. We oughta get together online and I can show you some stuff.
  10. Shit, I better reinstall that mother fucker and hop on soon!:hello:

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