Anybody on GC like music that isn't well-known?

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  1. I like to listen to garage rock bands and surf-influenced music such as The Growlers, Ty Segall, Wavves, The Black Lips, bands that are local and bands that aren't well-known. Please post any genre of music that you like, although I'd prefer if it were grungy or surf-ish. It would also be cool if you posted stuff that's not well-known and chill to smoke to.
  2. Wavves is pretty well known man, ever since Pitchfork helped him he blew up. But yeah I love hunting for gems through obscurities. I used to spend hours upon hours shifting through blogs and record stores for new shit to listen to.

    My personal favorite recent discovery

    [ame=]Keith Hudson - Playing It Cool, Playing It Right - 06 - I Can't Do Without You / Still Need You Dub - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Stoner rock band from my city with half the members of Tame Impala in Kevin Parker on drums, used to watch them live all the time.

    [ame=]Mink Mussel Creek Live 20.3.11 Preview - YouTube[/ame]
  4. I Listen to hardcore more than anything else.

    Bands like:
    Another Mistake
    Fire & Ice
    Free at Last
    No Tolerance
    Soul Search
    Stick Together.

    Whenever i try talking about hardcore here, people just think A7X, etc. shit gets old fast.
  5. Only mostly everything I listen to
  6. That was rad! Especially the drums.. Definitely checking this band out
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    I think some of you guys would like this band. Somewhat local to my area.
    [ame=]'For L.A.' by Yukon Blonde - YouTube[/ame]
  8. You guys might like Pond too, mostly the same guys this is a good psych jam

    [ame=]Pond - Eye Pattern Blindness (Live on KEXP) - YouTube[/ame]

  9. I'm seeing Tame Impala in February and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds in March :smoking:
  10. [ame=]Wynardtage - Tragic Hero - YouTube[/ame]
  11. Wavves and The Black Lips are fairly mainstream at this point. If the mainstream was a real thing, those two groups would be dipping their toes in the waters, so to speak. Wavves was just on a track with Big Boi and B.o.B. on Big Boi's newest album.

    Los Valientes del Mondo Nuevo was a pretty well-received album. I thought it was pretty good.

    Most of my "non-mainstream" bands are in the realms of punk and metal so it's a little bit of a different ballgame, because any time you mention one of those bands, an IMN or IPN will come out of the woodwork and be like THAT SHIT IS MAINSTREAM FUCK YOU MAN. Some jambands are in there too but that has more to do with who I know than what I listen to.

  12. Nice man, there live shows are a lot jammier than there albums they just incorporate a lot more instrumental sections in to there songs and merge them all. Never seen Nick Cave I'd imagine that'd be a great experience have fun man.
  13. You guys have got to see Ty Segall live. I saw them about a week ago and they told the security guards to fuck off so that everybody can go onstage and crowd surf. Everyone was either in a pit, doing flips into the crowd, or crowd surfing. Really energetic and fun vibes
  14. I think the majority of blades listen to music that isn't well known.

    Primarily for the reason that we smoke bud, and have a keen sense for good sounding music. Having an open mind to explore different varieties of genres and dig deeper for that personal mind-soothing artist we have been looking for.

    Just my opinion though.
  15. [ame=]NAH magical herbalism - YouTube[/ame]
  16. I recommend anyone interested in hiphop instrumentals to take a look at this.

    [ame=]MF DooM Special Herbs Vol 1-2 (Full Album) - YouTube[/ame]

  17. What the hell is an IMN/IPN?.. cuz I'm one of those. :D

    I listen to some mainstream bands and artists of certain genres or time periods. I would never be caught dead listening to mainstream punk or metal, though. For the most part, I'm strictly devoted to the underground; far better quality of music and aesthetically pleasing.
  18. YeeEEE the growlers!

    [ame=]The Growlers - "Spider Stomp" - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]The Growlers // Lenny Sinpablo Juliano 36th - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]The Growlers - Habit Of Dredd (ghost edit) - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]The Growlers - People Don't Change Blues (HQ) by Jack Coleman - YouTube[/ame]

    some super old old stuff in their warehouse

    [ame=]The Growlers - Old Cold River Live in Studio (HQ) - YouTube[/ame]

    I was originally gonna just post spider stomp, but I couldn't stomp

    these bands opened for them the show i saw last feb.

    you guys said you liked surf... local portland band.

    [ame=]Guantanamo Baywatch - Boomerenga (live at VLHS, 3/9/2012) - YouTube[/ame]
    mannn these guys are so into some of that good stuff we can't talk about.
    [ame=]NIGHT BEATS - H-bomb - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=]The Night Beats - Little War In The Midwest (Live at the Bottom of the Hill) - YouTube[/ame]
  19. I like my music like I like my shoes; don't fuck with it unless it's poplur
  20. black lips are sick, too. This album took a while to grow on me, but now it's prob my fave. I thought I didn't really like rap, but with a harmonica?... alright.

    [ame=]THE BLACK LIPS - dawn of the age of tomorrow - YouTube[/ame]

    one more from wdnktfsmtfg.

    [ame=]THE BLACK LIPS - stranger - YouTube[/ame]
    but, some "popular music" gets that way for good reason an' all..ya knooowwww???

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