anybody never been caught?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by notorious420, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. whats up GC, i was just thinking, im 19 now and live in my own apartment, but i have been toking since age 13 and never got caught by my parents. anyone else here never been caught?
  2. Reporting in.
  3. um why?

  4. Because obviously he has been busted anytime he has had pot on his person or in his system.

    Also reporting in.
  5. Haha, no I've never been caught.

  6. Where I'm from you'd almost have to try and get caught to actually get busted.
  7. I was never technically caught, but it would be hella hard to talk to my parent's when they'd give me a phone call to go get something or let a pet in after smoking a nice bowl.
  8. Yup, same here.
  9. I'v been busted before, shit sucks
  10. I've been stopped while stoned and carrying the ganj.

    It's all about staying cool, and showing respect.
  11. Not with weed, but i got arrested for having a controlled substance. Adderall
  12. Never been caught with anything illegal, and I've been smoking for 11 years

    It's seriously not that hard to not get caught.

  13. exactlly.. got pulled over after facin a blunt so i knoww my eyes were beyond fucked for running (actually doing a california roll) a stop sign. said my yessirs and i knew what i did wrong, got a ticket and was on my way
  14. I'm guilty of that every time I get into my car lol. I don't see the point of completely stopping if there is absolutely no one at the 4-way.
  15. ^EXAAAACTLY. that's what i tried to tell the judge.. he didnt seem to understand. guaranteed he doesnt make complete stops
  16. Cops took my bong from me once, a pre-Op Pipe Dream Jerome Baker. :(

    Were gonna write me a ticket, but they didn't have the right booklet on them. :smoking:
  17. Man that must have been a sad day... quite a loss.
  18. never been caught here.
  19. Yeah I got caught when I was 16. My parents found my bubbler in my room and took it. Then they left for church and didnt say a word.....My brother had to tell me that they found it. They were dumb as fuck about it though and hid it under their bed (thats an imaginative hiding place). So I took that shit back and they didnt even say anything to me till days later.
  20. i got caught when i was 16 by my parents. i was driving with one of my buddies and just got done smoking and we were on our way back to his place. probably about a minute away from his house i hit some black ice and crashed into a snow bank. there just happened to be a cop there to that saw the whole thing. i had to get my car towed out of the bank but luckily she never found the weed so i thought i was in the clear.


    so the day after it happened at school my friend i was with started telling people about how we smoked and crashed my car. well word got around and eventually the sro (student resource officer) heard about it and called our local police department. they showed up at my house the next day with a drug test for my parents to give me. you can guess what happened next

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