Anybody meditate after they smoke?

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  1. I meditate after i smoke to gain peace of mind. Anyone else meditate after they smoke? Share your thoughts on it, share your feelings on it, share your mystic experiences. Or PM me or something.
  2. I've never meditated per se after smoking.... But I definitely do some heavy thinking sometimes. If I have a problem that's on my mind, when I smoke I'm just able to look at it in a much more level-headed way. I get less emotional about the subject, calm down, and look at it rationally. I decide whether or not said issue is worth my time; if I find reasons as to why it isn't worth my time to worry about it, I stop worrying. If I find that the issue is instead something that warrants action, I consider the appropriate action to be taken.

    So basically I meditate after smoking in the sense that I analyze and reflect upon my problems, but not in the traditional sense of 'clearing your mind' sort of meditation.
  3. Mist, i really respect that. Thats some deep shit just like meditation.

    See a few people have told me they do the same thing as what you do. Which is analyze things from a position thats not biased or filled with emotions.

    Heres my personal problem. When i smoke i cant hold a thought for more than 5 sec. I dont know why. Maybe its because im a newbie i guess you could say.

    I want to be able to see things on a new perspective and stuff too but i cant hold thoughts i just forget everything. Any advice or suggestions?
  4. I've tried it a few times. Usually ends up with me getting bored and finding something better to do. :D

    aeagle02, try smoking less weed? I've gotten how high I need to get while still being able to think like that down to an exact science now. It's a very useful place to be.
  5. ok what inspired you to actually meditate after smoking sikander?
  6. I've meditated while sober and I find it's a very grounding thing to do, and I figured I may as well try it high. I'm too easily distracted when high for it to work though.
  7. aeagle, I'm with Sikander with the suggestion that you smoke less. I think you're probably just getting too high. Perhaps not too high to enjoy yourself, but maybe too high to think very clearly. Next time you want to meditate on stuff, maybe you should try to start thinking about it with a bowl ready-packed, take a hit, keep thinking, and take hits as long as you need until you reach your desired state. Good luck!
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    Actually i see this as a positive thing. If you aren't hanging onto thoughts or even unable to that's a good thing, because when you think you think in terms of many concepts and ideas, so when you're just quiet more of what you "REALLY ARE" can come through.

    The masters say all it takes for enlightenment is getting completely rid of the thoughts.
  9. Yeah, I have a few times. The most notable time was when I felt my body rotating amidst this void of nothingness, then I opened my eyes and started freaking out :laughing:
  10. That is what happened to me the first time. I went back and tried once more and it was scary but extremely interesting.
  11. I used, to, I haven't in a while because life gets in the way and I have only been smoking bud to deal with all of the bullshit.
  12. Yeah, I know what you mean. I felt like I was in two places at once and time seemed to be all..fragmented and weird. I can't explain it fully, but it was an interesting experience in retrospect and I don't regret it.
  13. Yeah, meditating while your stoned is crazy. One time, i got really baked and sat in a room with only a candle while it was pitchblack. I focused on the candle for about an hour and i remember vividly at one point the light that the candle was producing wasn't there, it had just disappeared and i was just staring at the candle. Trippiest thing ever. Sorry if that sounds retarded, kind of hard to explain.
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    I dont always meditate after i smoke, but i always smoke before i meditate.

    without meditation, wouldnt have been able to kick my benzo addiction. Meditation has worked wonders on my anxiety. Its worked wonders on a lot, but if i went into everything else, itd take me pages upon pages of mind-looping phrases.

    and i do that too very often after smoking. get very analytical and introspective. I guess it sort of is meditation, but not like the kind i was talking about above. Both are very beneficial in the forward progression of my self
  15. haha, yea. Let your body go when you meditate. Detach from the physical and material, and go with the flow.

    sorry for the dbl. I just saw this post
  16. Yeah, man. I've always had trouble detaching from the physical. All those times I've meditated I don't think I've had one experience..
  17. I think its great.

    When you have all this shit on you mind and all these feelings and then you smoke maybe a little drink and then meditate with nothing on your mind. its peaceful

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