Anybody Like "True Blood" on HBO

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  1. I think this show is great. I am watching season two episode one right now. I saw all of season one and then lost hbo. Now that I have hbo again it doesn't seem to be on. Anyone know what the deal is?
  2. They are filming or already have filmed season 3 and it will air in 2010
  3. Hells yes. True Blood is the shit when you're stoned.
  4. June 2010 is the air date. They might be showing season 2 repeats on demand. You can check. The show is freaking awesome! I totally love Eric, even though he's not really a good guy. haha
  5. try blood is a good show i like it:smoking::smoking::hello:
  6. anybody tell me the timing please
    wana watch
  7. Ive been watching the first season, working my way through...grandma just got killed...sookie's brother likes to fuck, yeah? sookie just needs to go ahead and give it up to Bill..its gonna happen
  8. It airs June 13th I believe. I love it. :)

    The books are awesome, too.
  9. love this show!
    all the characters are awesome and the story lines are pretty good
    go read the books
    they're pretty good
  10. I like it but i love to watch Vampire diaries now.
  11. ^ CW shows got nothing on HBO series ;)

    Can't wait to find out where the hell Vampire Bill is haha

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