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anybody know where pure glass comes from??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by robb827, May 14, 2010.

  1. everybody i've asked doesnt know where n im curious & deffinitly my favorite glass line!
  2. I know of PURE glass and I'm pretty sure they don't have a website.
    They can be bought for wholesale (Really cheap prices in bulk for headshops..etc.) on some websites, but it's probably more common to find them in random headshops with the price marked up.

    For the price they are sold via wholesale, they are more then likely distributed across seas, but none the less they look like fairly decent bongs for the price.
  3. My friend's sister had a really nice PURE glass bong. She always said it was ROOR's american branch, but i havent hear that from anywhere else so it could be wrong. Try asking the people at your headshop. I'd recommend it though :bongin:
  4. Puire is China glass marked up liek 500% They do look good though.
  5. Whatever you do, DO NOT purchase ANY pure glass. The last purchase I made was a seemingly innocent bong with an 8 tree closed top percolator set, along with the ice tray. Within one rip, the percolators snapped off, and my 200 dollar pipe was now worthless. I went through a HUGE hassle from customer service through the headshop I bought it from, and it took a whole month for them to respond.

    In addition, the owners of pure glass refused to admit that it was their fault the bong malfunctioned (Clearly thanks to mass-produced, atrocious glass blowing) and refused to offer a refund. Luckily the shop I purchased the bong from gave me a refund, however they had no obligation to do so.

    In conclusion, I recommend you stay away from this company at ALL costs.
  6. Indeed you were lucky, your shop is very nice. The fact that you smoked weed out of it at all probably voided any obligation the shop had to replace a defective product.
  7. AH HAHAHAHAHA! Biggest glass noob ever, sorry. Pure are 100000% Chinese made, they are pretty heavy duty, but still their perc's are pretty trash. But the straights/beakers are cool for a party bong.
  8. I had a Pure with no percs and i dropped it a bunch and shit but it never broke haha, untill my mom took it:mad:
  9. Its german Glass (boro?), Made (read: Assembled) in America.

    The Percs are imported from china.

    I think its owned by the Biohazard brand.

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