Anybody know what's going on here?

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  1. Just about to start week 6 flower. Does anyone know what is happening to my plants? Watered them 3 days ago with normal water with blackstrap molasses added 5ml per gallon Ph'd to 6.5.temps around 26° C and 50% humidity. Last few days while I let them drink that up I started noticing these copper spots rapidly spreading through a few of the main colas fan leaves, the majority of the plants still look awesome just a few spots starting up pretty bad. Can anyone chime in please? 20190823_171214.jpg 20190824_150436.jpg 20190824_150137.jpg

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  2. The attached file on the bottom is them right before the watering with molasses ph at 6.5.
  3. Nobody? Must be because I use a Blurple light.
  4. Not a lot of info to go on but cal mag deficiency is one thing I'd look into I'd also check the runoff with some PhD cal mag supplement and go from there...if no change I dunno

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  5. looks like start up of a cal def could lack cal in nuits or lock out on potassium i would say proly due to ph of water or medium is affecting the ph
  6. I use everything in future harvest hollands secret personal grow box and it has Calnesium in it which is the same as calmag. Nobody ever even responded to this it's been almost a month since I posted this and these plants are getting chopped right away wish someone chimed in last was ph lockout.
  7. srry mate you can messege directly if you need help quicker sometime takes a while to make it down the list of problems with plants there is alot. happy growings.
  8. A bit too late to fix it now it became 10x worse then the photos above because nobody replied in a month. I had to figure it out and it was lockout due to low ph stopped the uptake of certain nutrients. It was also my medium as I had to switch brands since my last 2 grows. Very peat based and acidic af. Grow was a disaster with this stuff. Never had problems like this with the last brand I used. Wish some people chimed in last month when i posted this. Managed to save them with a massive flush and baking soda to raise ph but alot of damage happened. Still have some super potent buds regardless but I know they could have been better going to switch to a different medium for next run. 20190919_192608.jpg

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  9. try soil organic no woodchip compost as it will eat up your nitrogen put some sand in to keep it soft with some vermiculite. put in some used coffee grounds and egg shells they seem to love it i do not have any ph issues i never ph test for my plants anymore as i usuallyend upwith excess nuits and it does not affect soil ph i also use technoflora nuits and seems to stabalize around 6.5 to 6.7 ph for me with out ph down.
  10. Ya I normally use all organic plain dirt soil and use my nutrients as needed and did 2 perfect runs right before this still had the cotyledons on they were so healthy by harvest but i had someone pick up my soil for me last time and I had said I wanted Premier and they got me Altwin Premium. Decided to mix my perlite in and give it a go but found out it's really acidic. I'm getting Fox Farms Happy frog next time and a couple blocks of coco and some more perlite and I should be good to go.
  11. id refrain from mixing your cocoa and soil as it may cause complications with your ph

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