Anybody know what kind it is?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by seeofgreen, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Just wanted to know what strain it is,
    the seed were very old so i forget what they are.(13 year olds)

    I posted about a mounth ago saying, "will cold air will make the plant change color" on the leaves or on the hairs?

    Let me know if its a good plant or that the cold air changed it that color? this plant that i posted is the one with lavender hairs....thanks......

    My grow room gets down to 50 at night and about 70 in the day because of the cold air outside, unless its 35 out then my grow room will get to 80 in the daytime and drop at night to about 60-65.

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  2. another pic,it may be hard to see color on the hairs but its light lavender...

    the poster in the back is a pic of the tomb raider chick,i try to take pics of my plants with the same background so ya know it not a pic i found on the computer....

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  3. sativa dominant, that's for sure, the colouring, it maybe a purple strain.......if we were taking guesses, i'd say purple haze.........Peace out......Sid

    ps, you should re-veg it after flowring, to get clones, so you don't lose it, seeds being 13 years old an all!........incase you smoke it.......then realise you have no's gone for good.........
  4. hey sidious,
    can you talk about re-veg to me?
    You are saying as it flowers or after to keep it alive?
    never tryed befor....thanks

    Or is there a post i did not see on this.....
  5. I'll give it a shot on one of the plants...

    thanks again brother...

    I must say the budz you showed looks good,that kind takes me back to the 80's thats the last time i had it...
  6. ive reveg'ed and its easy

    as long as the plant isnt too far into budding and too far gone and/or too large, it should be easily revegged.

    and i agree with keeping the strain. but...other than mama plant, u only know who mama is.

    and i agree, prob purp haze or some off shoot. there was alot of that going around 10-15 years ago.
  7. Thanks froggy,
    i have more of the seeds,about 100 left to try my luck.
    I cut the plant you see today and left some of the smaller budz and shade leaves so we will see what happens with the re-veg......
  8. how long had it been flowering before you harvested it?

    Peace out......Sid
  9. simply beautiful, wow is all i can say! :) 100 seeds huh??? would love to talk to you on a more personal note
  10. Absolutely beautiful. One of my goals when I start growing is
    to grow a purple variety.

  11. I been flowering it for 9 weeks....
    Has a sweet smell to it.

    But today its been 3 days drying

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