Anybody know foods I can soley survive off of

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  1. I've been wondering if there are like 10 foods I can soley live off of gaining all the nutrition I need to survive. Anybody know super healthy foods I can gain alot of nutrients from or also possibly potentiate the effects of ganja? I already know mangos are rich in nutrients and they also potentiate shitty-to mid grade weed so other examples would be appreciated.

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  2. I don't know if there really would be just 10 that you can live off of. I mean, you could pick 10 and live off of them.. but you'll probably end up missing something. Just Google 'superfoods' and draw up a list from that.. even though what makes a food super is somewhat subjective. Then pick a few items from the list and eat just that for like a week or so and then pick a different combination from the list and eat just that for so long. Chances are you'd get sick of eating the same thing over and over and over anyway.

    As far as foods to help your high that are good for you.. I'd do some hemp seeds or others that are high in omegas.
  3. Oyster, sardine, avocado, sunflower seeds, spinach, chia seeds, red cabbage, chick pea, carrot, lemon

    I think you'd live pretty damn healthy with just those.
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  4. I've heard you can live off of stinging nettles alone. Considering they are considered a dynamic nutrient accumulator it makes sense. I think the person who told me this said rosemary gladdstar was the one she heard this from.

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  5. pancakes and burgers. peanut butter and jelly if you are more than broke.
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  6. I know off a product. Can't think off it RN. Post it later.
    It's extracts of many plants, roots ginger ect. It's a green powerder and doesn't taste bad just earthy.
    I provide s all the body will ever need.
  7. Potatoes, butter, essential oils.

    Man Eating Nothing But Potatoes for 2 Months
    Can you survive eating nothing but potatoes?
    Could a person survive on nothing but potatoes and multivitamins for a year? - Quora

    I believe you're thinking of Soylent

    Soylent — Free your body
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  8. Vitamineral green
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  9. Fuck soylent. " SOYLENT IS PEOPLE!!!!!" Movie fererence
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  10. Lol, its not made from people

  11. Good movie plot check it out some time. It's on YouTube.
    Dont think the movie had anything to do with the naming of the product.
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  12. survive? for how long?

    i survived on crickets for 5 days.
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  13. Ramen noodles and bananas
  14. Did you find your own outdoors or buy them from a company? I've been looking at adding insects to my diet and making dog food out of them.. found a company the other day that sells ground up crickets, but is a lil too costly in my opinion. If it goes well and I find a place to breed them, I'll probably raise my own.. but for now, I'll have to find them outdoors.. which is too time consuming right now, or buy them.
  15. Looking at it, I can tell you there is no way you could live off just that supplement.

    It has almost no calories and zero fat.
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  16. Someone makes protein powder out of crickets too.
  17. Probably thinking of the same thing. Not that I really care about "human grade" crickets.. I mean, if Ima eat crickets.. I probably won't care about the human grade.. but it's a company that grinds up "human grade" crickets into a powder. Then you can add it to whatever.. or make it into a flour. I used to eat ants.. just plucket them outdoors. Back when my backyard was infested with wolf spiders, I thought about trying them.. but pussed out.
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  18. A healthy mind makes for a healthy body, garlic onion kicks ass at decalcifying your pineal gland, and your state of mind determines your high so im sure it will affect that as well. And lemon water is really healthy too. and for guys, its unhealthy to not eat meat. thats all I got
  19. Na man ramen noodles is like eating a plastic bag, they got a wax coating on the noodles that are linked to some diseases. and nanners are good but they have more radiation than a pack of cigarettes.
  20. Beef, lamb, salmon, carrots, potatoes, onions, kale, broccoli, goji, and pomegranate. Garlic makes 11 but it can be added as seasoning but I prefer fresh

    Now that the main components are picked. Thyme, oregano, rosemary, tumeric, coriander, salt, black pepper and cayenne.

    CanniAnnie's Quest for balance
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