Anybody Know A Good Rip-Proof Plastic Liner?

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  1. I've been using basic painter's clear drop tarp, but it's thin and the pots drain hole corners rip holes all over it in time, and I had a plant dump some of it's extra water, got thru to the wood floor so I had to pull the plastic and put the pots in trays for now.
    Does anybody know of a high quality plastic (or otherwise) sheet I can use that won't get these rips over time?
    Thanks for the help!


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  2. Just out of curiosity,,, have you looked at just basic tarp? It's waterproof and made to endure weathering for years. Not even that expensive too.
  3. hmm... always thought tarpaulin was water resistant but not waterproof, at least in my camping experience
    maybe there's waterproof tarp out there... I'll check that out, thanks for the idea!
  4. 6mil or thicker will do the job. You can usually get a roll of 12x100 from Lowe's or similar for 20-30 bucks. Painters tarp is around .25-.5mil

    I have a 10x10 room and i get 9 runs out of it.

    The black and white stuff is a bit more, but i only put that around my faux walls. The black and black is the cheaper stuff that's what i run along the floors for extra protection. I do suggest keeping trays under your pots as your first line of protection.

    When your done move every thing you want to keep it of the room, everything you want to toss I'm the center and just wrap it all up and take it to the dump.

    Repeat as needed.

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    I agree, a roll of 6mil plastic. Thats what i'm using. I run aquaponics with a fishtank in the flower and a sump tank in the veg box. I use 6mil plastic to create a nice sized pool to catch any water in case of something going wrong and having an overflow. 
  6. Concrete 
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    What the bloody hell man. Did you even read the fucking title? Post booster.
    at OP:  I thought of another option for you if tarp doesn't work out! Remember 2001-2002 when everyone was terrified the terrorists would gas us or something and they were saying to buy plastic sheeting for windows? well that stuff is pretty thick. I still have a couple rolls in my attic and it doesn't tear easy. a 1 foot by 2 foot section took me standing on one end and pulling as hard as possible with both hands to tear. They have it at walmart, fairly cheap. Not sure the exact product name but they have it.
  8. My Post was a joke
    rip proof liner? 
    Um... Wood?
    ANY kind of plastic will tear, I have torn 8mm Plastic before... it's plastic... 

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