anybody in the NW suburbs of Chicago

Discussion in 'General' started by silent2119, Aug 13, 2008.

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    saying hi and whats up
  2. Not alowed to deal here, but what suburb are you from anyway?
  3. Better get rid of this before the mods see. =p
  4. oh well lol i didnt know that.

    im from around bensenville
  5. changed the title :)

    anyone from around here? around schaumburg

  6. that's why you read the rules first, bro.
  7. I'm from the Burr Ridge/Hinsdale area.
  8. oh i know where that is, ur only like 20 min away or so
  9. i live in chicago in the portage park area
  10. glendale heights...dry as fuck (not lookin for a hookup thru here, don't contact me I don't want any narcs on my ass)

    But findin a hookup in these suburbs freakin sucks
  11. werd i totally agree
  12. hmm. even with the edits yall make it so obvious.

  13. lmao what do u expect... im a noooooobbbbb
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    Hey first time here using the website I'm also from glendale heights IL. I'm actually a noob to all of this and I just moved to glendale heights somebody hit me up

  15. Schaumburg is nowhere near bensenville

    Seems legit
  16. i was kinda wondering about this too lol
  17. Anybody from the glendale heights area
  18. Im from Schaumburg, grab my stuff mostly from Arlington Heights though
  19. I'm still new to this little neighborhood how far would you say arlington heights is from glendale walking
  20. Lol few hours at least...Not a walk I would want to take

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