anybody in st pete area

Discussion in 'General' started by bigbenz, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. and has been to Jannus Live, can you tell me if i would be able to get away with smoking a joint or two there while at a mac miller concert?
  2. if you have a joint or two, just make sure your in a crowded spot on the floor, duck down like you dropped sonething. while down "searching" spark it, haul a hit, stub on the bottom of your lighter and ghost that hit. works with every venue i have been to, but i live in NH and usually go aroubd here or down to grassachusettes for shows.
  3. vaporzer is the saffest way to go
  4. I've been to Janus a time or two and have never had any problem. I just got in the middle of the crowd and sparked it up, smoked half and passed it on.
  5. ur straight they dont care
  6. I've blazed at jannus many a times...

    The outside stage is def a go, inside I haven't had prob with but maybe inside might Idk...

    Ur good tho

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