anybody here only vape? or only use edibles?

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  1. anybody here vape only? or use edibles only? and dont smoke at all? if so, what changes did you see? any positives or negatives?
  2. Gone through that phase many times its nice on the lungs. I want to get another good vape but for now i got a vapor genie its aite.
  3. Iv only smoked once or twice in the past 3 months since I got my mflb and its been way to cold outside.
  4. I was vaping only for a week. It felt cleaner and more clear headed but i eventually found the high to be weaker than smoking but different, i was able to function more without feeling completely fucked up.

    When i went back to smoking, my tolerance seemed to be lower and i got higher than ever!!!

  5. fuck yeah.... i think vapes just dont really do the trick for certain people.... i have a buddha vape but i just ordered a new sov stemline cant wait to hit that fucker taking a 2 week t break while it ships...
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    I'll still smoke a bowl or two but I've been vaping for a year+ and I can say it's easier on my lungs than smoking. I've also aquired a taste for great vaped cannabis. It can taste way better than smoking a bowl. Plus the high is clearer for me and is a better high than smoking. It might take the equivilent of 2 smoked bowls to fill my vape but the high I end up with is worth it. I actually use more now that I vape. When I just smoked I used less cannabis!

    I've had mixed results with edibles and my experience is still very limited. I've got some BHO hard candy (from my dealer) right now and it's pretty strong!!! Much better than the cookies I tried to make.

  7. I smoked for about 8 years and loved it, had no physical side effects. But once I bought my vape bros. and then later the MFLB, I quit smoking of any kinds and now vape only. I know a lot of people would miss smoking as the high is in fact different. But not me, vaping is a godsend because I want to be as healthy as possible and make up for all the years of smoking brick weed, smoking resin, smoking all kinds of shit haha including cigs, hookah, you name it.
  8. 90% of the time I vape only. However, i have a weekness for the occasional bong rips and a little bubbler out side. 
  9. I like to vape all the time. But whenever I get sum nice hash or have alot of bud I like taking a nice bong rip with ice and cold water when I wanna get high right away. I have one bong for vaping and one for combustion.
    I used to smoke.   Now, I only vape.   Have been vaping for 6 years straight.  
    Postives?   Hmmmm.........let's see.    How 'bout this?    I'm 69 years old and run 25 miles a week with no lung distress whatsoever.   I'm using half the amount of bud to get to the same high as I did when I smoked and the taste is enhanced because I'm not covering up the taste of good bud with the taste of burning plant material.
    Negatives?   None.........
  11. I finally got a portable so I only vape now. I still smoke cigerettes though so I havent noticed in health benefits, but thats not why I got in to vapor.
  12. I vaped exclusively for 6 months. 
    It was great! My lungs felt great, I didn't have a cough, and I conserved a lot of bud! I am trying to get back into that habit once again now that summer is here and I will be wanting to bike a lot.
  13. I'll tell you, I use to be dead set on smoking joints, it's pretty much all I would ever do. But I was very healthy about it, only using RAW organic, unrefined, unbleached hemp papers made with vegan glue, a hempwick made of organic hemp & organic beeswax, and using medical grade organic herb when possible. Pretty much since starting smoking I was always evolving into being the healthiest smoker I could be. However, since purchasing my Magic Flight Launch Box about a month ago, I haven't smoked since. I must be honest, the high to me feels much more clearer, cleaner, and more focused. I feel more energetic, euphoric, and I can actually get stuff down in comparison to the high I achieved when smoking (which wasn't bad, but the vape high is almost undescribably superior.) It's hard to explain, but I really overall just feel much better vaping. My sinuses used to get stuffy when I would smoke, that doesn't happen anymore either. I see myself vaping exclusively from now on, but maybe I'll have a rare joint every now and then. :)
  14. I vape almost exclusively.  Obviously sometimes you cannot be in that location so I will partake in a blunt or bong hit every so often (once or twice a month).  I save a lot of bud and enjoy it but sometimes you just need to indulge in another method.
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    As my name and my videos "No Combustion" say... vapor. Though, I don't have anything against edibles, rarely indulge. Vapor.

    The 2 - 3 times, I've combusted (on purpose - and within the last year) I just don't enjoy it. It gives me a cloudy head feeling and almost always eventually leads to perpetual burnout highs. Since I switched to vapor, its much easier to meet my medical needs, as I don't have to deal with the impurities in the herb and its side-effects. Plus, goes a lot further to. I was able to stretch out a gram for a few days, with vapor. Combusting... it would have been gone in less than a day.

    Oh and if I leave the house, I take a vape (MFLB) with me. Always... vapor.
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    Once you start to vape it is real hard to stop. I've had all different types of vaporizers and by far the Volcano beats all. The high you get with it is ridiculous and the way the weed tastes is unreal. It is so discreet to use and the smell is so faint I smoke it indoors all day long and rarely get questioned. You save so much of your weed by using the volcano and I cook about once every 3 months once I fill a zipper bag with "volcano poo". Brownies usually come out great and make a bunch of money. It is so much cleaner then smoke and doesn't make you cough or dry out your throat. It is such a crisp clean head high that you can function after smoking it. 
  17. The Volcano is discreet?   Huh?   You got this brushed aluminum vaporizer that is making noise as it's filling a crinkly plastic bag which is also making noise and then you're sucking on this bag full of vapor.   How in the hell is that discreet?
    And while ALL vaporizers will conserve more of your bud than if you smoked it, there are many other vapes on the marekt that will conserve your bud better.    When I went from my log vape to my bag vape, my usage tripled, and there's a lot of reasons for that that I will go into if anyone's interested.
    I'm not hating on the 'Cano.  It's a great vape, but to suggest that it's discreet and that it's one of the better "conservers" out there just is not accurate.
    Also, regarding taste, as soon as the vapor enters the bag, it begins to condense and go stale.    WIth other vapes, you are getting a fresh hit with every hit.   With the 'Cano, you are not.   Vapor in a plastic bag begins to taste pretty nasty after about 10 to 12 minutes.   It best to use up that bag within 10 minutes or so.
  18. I been vaping , I was mostly edibles at night but being a diabetic it raised my sugar overnite if they werent my personal baked goods so I got a trippy stix from my cousin and been off the oil . made a big difference when I worked out more wind . but I just harvested my indoor so I'll be testing out my Ken's GDP and Ken's Phantom tonite.
  19. I get plenty ripped from vaping and do it almost every time, I've only combusted once in the last 2 months and that was cuz the bong was right there callin out to me

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