anybody here losing their hair?

Discussion in 'General' started by Exodus2011, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. So yea there's hair loss in my family. I am not afraid to say i'm losing hair, diffusely though (like prince william), no receding hairline.

    It sucks that it has to start this early, but it's unnoticeable to others, i got on medication real quick, so to others it looks like it's alright.

    Yea but I'm still paranoid 24/7 about it, and am literally always thinking of hair.

    Anyone else here losing hair?
  2. also, it's not a thing to joke about.

    it's one of the most emotionally devastating things that can happen imo.

    not to mention you don't get any sympathy points for it unlike other disabilities
  3. well i got plenty of hair for you to have!...if you have longer hair then normal..its completly normal buddy!

  4. naw lol. i'm talking about real male pattern hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia
  5. oh dang buddy..i hope the best for you and your hair though!hopefully that medication slows the process down or helps it!

  6. shit yea. if it wasn't for it, i'd have done killed myself by now lol
  7. well i have very long hair..idk if this helps you but i take a shower and i can pull out quite a bit!haha

  8. hah that's normal. same with me when my hair was longer. people lose on average 100 hairs a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.

    lol got any hair questions just ask me, i've literally done probably done at least 700 hours of hair research over the past year
  9. hahahaha will do brotha!:hello:
  10. take Saw Palmetto, it will balance male hormones and also look at what you eat to be sure you are not turning your Testosterone into a form of estrogen that affects mens hair follicles. A regular doctor can test you but will not take it seriously and usually don't go to the necessary depths.
    Go to a homeopathic hormone specialist.
    Body building magazines have articles about hormone balance as well. Much of it can be genetic but a lot of it is diet related.
    Also if you are bald just go with it. Most time I think naturally bald men look better w/a shaved head than trying to disguise or hide it only to end up looking ridiculous.
    After all to most women, it isn't how much hair on the head, it's how you use your head.

  11. hmmmm idk how many times i've heard girls make fun of guys with hair loss.

    goddamn it makes me rage so fucking bad. bitches cant be made fun of for being fat (which is caused by their goddamn laziness) yet guys with a disease that is largely uncontrollable can be made fun of.


  12. what you talkin bout?


  13. well they can be, but its socially unacceptable.

    however it's socially acceptable to make fun of guys with hair loss for some weird reason, something that cant be controlled
  14. I am its from hypothyroidism.I don't have insurance so taking meds is hard.
  15. Have you told a woman she looks fat lately?

    Thats what hes talking about.

  16. wat meds you using? you losing from all over right, including backs and sides?

  17. yes, actually.

  18. hopefully as a joke. . . . . right?
  19. Baldness runs in the family. my dad began losing his hair when he was 18 he says. right now im 18 and still have all of my hair but it is a little thin. On the other hand my older brother (22) is losing hair. He has less and less hair everytime i see him just a matter of time before im down that road..

  20. a little thin? you compare your hair density to what it was a few years back?

    it's always best to start medication as early as possible. is your hairline receding? what about the crown area?

    if you ever feel like you are losing more hair, just go to a dermatologist and ask for a HairDX test which measures how much hair one has lost

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