Anybody here listen to vinyl?

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  1. Is there anyone here who likes to sit down and listen to a vinyl record instead of just shuffling around your itunes all the time?
  2. nope. i listen to my computer because it's more convenient.

    But agree that vinyl sounds WAYYY better. Dark Side Of The Moon on Vinyl is soo much more spacious than on a CD.
  3. i've got a little collection going. my favorite right now is the Cream Wheels of Fire album. that spoonful is soo dirty.
  4. Nope just spin vinyl. :smoke:
  5. i have maybe 20 records and im always buying more, but never listen to them, only bc i dont have a deck, and i prefer to keep them in original packaging anyway.
  6. I've got a record player and a small collection of vinyl, but I hardly ever take advantage.

    With iTunes I can locate a single song out of thousands in the time it takes to type the title. Take into account the fact I grew up in the age of CDs where vinyl copies of albums I'm interested in are next to impossible to find new, it's only logical.

    CDs are smaller and somewhat more physically durable than records, the audio content doesn't degrade no matter how much it's been played or copied...and I'm not so much of a connoisseur that I can detect vast discrepancies in overall fidelity, so analog vs. digital is a moot point to me.

    I just wish album covers were the size they used to be because a good album cover used to be akin to a work of art.
  7. yeah, but sometimes it can be confusing while stoned. have you ever tried listening to tommy in the correct order?
  8. (Looking at record)

    "Side four? WTF"
  9. hahaha its pretty hard to figure out tripping face listening to it for the first time.
  10. I'm into vintage style amplificaton and speakers but not the source components. Vinyl is just too delicate for me.
  11. Sample head, all I can say is Chop Chop
  12. Hendrix - Are You Experienced
    Santana - Santana
    The Who - Tommy
    Jefferson Airplane - Takes Off
    and of course Zep 3

    :) i have all these except zep 3 and tommy on vinyl
  13. I have about 250 vinyls, around 150 of which i actually listen to. I prefer vinyl to digital music, especially through a tube amplifier, because I think it sounds richer and deeper. Pet sounds in mono (yes i have it!) has to be one of the greatest smoking albums ever. dark side on vinyl is great too. i just love sitting in my basement, taking bong tokes out of the roor and listening to some good vinyl :bongin:
  14. Aboslutely, me and my best friend have like 400 vinyls. I love them, so much more than CD or Itunes or anything. Of course, practicality wise I can only listen to them when I'm home or at my friends, but they sound so much better.
  15. Pet Sounds is truly one of the best albums to smoke to on vinyl. So is the Velvet Underground's first album.

    [ame=""]YouTube - The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground And Nico - Heroin[/ame]

    I have about 200-300 LPs, I haven't counted the exact amount actually, lol. I usually listen to mp3 because of the convenience, but I love vinyl.
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    i am a vinyl freak. I am buliding up my wax collection. I had over 500 records had about half stolen when i lent them to my cousin for a gig and now i am at around 300. Getting high sitting back and listeingi to a vinyl makes me feel like the artists are rigth there close to me, I love the quality, I have a vinyl archiver that connects to my computer via usb and you can rip them to your itunes so you still get that vinyl sound in an mp3 version. I am happy records are kind of comign back in style, well at least most of the artists i listen to are making wax. Wow i just went on a mini-rant, ::smoke:
  17. I listen to itunes because it's more convenient. But nothing beats Ummagumma on vinyl
  18. YES! haha i've always wanted to work there! Some of my good records come from there, people always tend to go there when they want to get my gifts hehe that or around the beach and downtown area.
  19. Hmm never been to any places by beach/downtown, which is odd because thats closer to me than Yesterday & Today. Any I should know about??
  20. Love vinyls...needle on my player broke though so I gotta get that fixed. Vinyls are far superior in tone and sound than digital. They have warmth and depth and character. Each is slightly different. Play an old vinyl record through a vintage tube amp and that is the 2nd greatest sound known to man. First is a Les Paul cranked through a plexi Marshall

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