Anybody here fly-fish?

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by wenahaone, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. I sure do. It's alot more fun than bait hucking.
  2. Hell yea! The only way to fish. My dad was an avid fly fisherman for trout and taught me as i grew up, now i fish for everything on flies, bass, pan fish, trout, hell even carp! You ever want the fight of your life, hook a 30+ carp on a fly rod! One of these days i'm going to go hit up the salt flats down florida
  3. Never fly fished but ive always wanted to that and Marlin fishing.
  4. Yeahhh! Bahamas also has some mean bonefish on the flats out there. If your goin to Fl. or bahamas let me know and ill give you some guides to check out and some places with great bones. But be prepared to learn an entirely different type of fishing. It is NOT the same as fresh water flying, but the main difference is fly placement other than that your good to go!
  5. Love fly fishing as well!

    I fish everything from small mountain streams with my 3 wt for brookies, to striper fishing out of a kayak with my 8 wt..

    Can't beat it!
  6. Hell yeah now your talking, I love fly fishing.........any amount of it here in Scotland...........lots of wild brownies, and un-fished lochs...........I love tying my own flies too..........

    "There's no better feeling than tying your own deer hair sedge, and presenting it perfectly, and a Rainbow trout taking it from the surface, within seconds, and watching that fish come out the water like a missile!!" haha.........and I don't even go Salmon fishing, it's big here...........Fishing is Scotland's most favourite past-time........Peace out......Sid

    I'd LOVE to fish in places like Montana, Colorado, Canada in General haha..........
  7. connects the nw fly-fishing community! check it out! Lots of helpful info! there's state forums for oregon, washington, idaho, and montana.

    there's an entemology section. monthy fishing forecasts for major nw destinations, river levels, fly-tying, fly-fishing techniques.....AND MUCH MORE!
  8. if u really had to ask... yes of course im a fly fisher. i fish a 7'9 6 wt sage on west slop rockie cutthroat and native redband rainbows. hit into a few big browns now and then too. im lovin the clearwater (north fork) this year, and i also fish my home waters im livin in a river city after all.


  9. DUUUUUUUUUDDDDDEEEEEE!!!!!! THAT'S FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I LOVE that area of idaho! I fished the lochsa in sept 07 and have always thought about going back. My favorite areas to fish are where the nez perce lived(central idaho and NE Oregon). Lands of the NEZ PERCE!(it's an old joke my friend and I have. It's kinda stupid. You won't get it) YOU ARE NOT NEZ PERCE!!!!(HA!) anyway.................................Also want to hike into the selway. I love idaho because of those westslope cutts and it's not as hyped up as montana. Speaking of hyped up.....I should shut up!

    You own quite the high quality stout heavy weight rod. Guess you need a six weight if you run into any bulls! I've got a 9' five weight scott with a ross reel. I've also got a bunch of inexpensive rods and an antique bamboo one from the 20's.
  10. i run the heavy rod cause im on foot (so i cant caryy more rods). I like to toss streamers alot and the rivers out here are big and the extra casting distance i get is real nice. plus i like to fish on the coast as well for sea run cutts and silvers and such in the salt so the 6 is a little better for that (mostly a casting distance issue). scott + ross is the shit though. the lochsaw is cool if u ever get back to that area though check out the st joe past red ives campground (hiking only) or the reaches of marble creek/north fork of the joe. BW north idaho is finally 100 percent catch and release on the westslops so the next couple years should be the best fishing in a LONG time as the populations regain there foothold and can grow.
  11. well, you're a more accomplished fly-fisher than me, my friend. I procrastinated going sea-run fishing this year. Probably too late now. Might be able to catch one higher up if I went RIGHT NOW. But, f&^% it. I'm leaving EEEAAARRRLY in the morning tomorrow to go to south central oregon to fish a high desert redband rainbow trout stream. Should be a blast!

    I hope to catch a wild winter steelhead on a hike in tributary to the nehalem this feb or march.

    You're from Spokane? You ever fish rocky ford creek during the off-season? I fished once in october one year and caught some pretty hefty fish.
  12. haha yea man no offense but i hate the RF. if i want to fish an off season creek i fish the BLM lands of Rock Creek south of spokane near St. John washington. its loaded p with big browns and rainbows but they are wild fish, not hatchery. ive pulled a 24" rainbow out of it and its just a small desert creek.

  13. I've done it in the past but never really could get into it. I'd always end up getting tangled in something, or afraid that the hook was going to latch onto me while casting.
  14. yup, i do, im an avid fly fisherman..been doing it since i was a kid...mostly up in trinity ca
  15. nope. ive never fly fished.... it seems like alot of work lol. i have a cheap daiwa rod and reel.... i havent been fishing much. waste of money for the license ive only gone twice and it expires in january i think?
  16. Hell yeah man, we hit up the Clark Fork, the St. Regis, and the Clearwater all the time.
  17. I've been fly-fishing for about 20 yrs now off and on and am only 25 years old. I live near Cincinnati and we don't have any trout around this area so I use spinning tackle but I'll use it every now and then or when I go trout fishing in West Virginia, Virginia and Michigan. At one time I was the youngest member of the Buckeye United Fly-Fishers, an Ohio fly-fishing club.
  18. I'm glad to see that I am not the only stoner fly fisherman, haha. I have been fly fishing all of my life, as well as tying my own flies for a majority of the time. I do most of my fly fishing in NJ and West Virginia. There are some great little no name streams in WV that have native brookies and browns and I could spend weeks pulling them in, haha.
  19. here's some pics from my trip home to oregon after my buddy came and picked me up in Livingston, Montana. taken sept 07.

    an aptly named river in the montana absarokas. This hole must have had 100 trout in it. amazing. cutts, rainbows, cuttbows, and brookies were caught in this hole. lots of them.


    2 yellowstone cutts below. a little larger than average for the hole. i find the lower cutt to be especially stunning.


    we were both catching fish like mad. 2 brookies

    soda butte creek cutt in YNP. [​IMG]

    see the scuf marks? too many people fishing sbc these days.

  20. wenahaone,

    You guys were catching all of them on bead head nymphs, huh? What kind are those, hare's ear?

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