Anybody here ever drank a shock top?

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  1. I just had one recently, and its now one of my favorites. anybody ever had one of these or a blue moon?
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    did you just start drinking "fancy beer"?

    cause those are like bottom of the barrel fancy beers.
    and they're incredibly popular. all over the entire country.

    go try some fat tire
    and some smuttynose
    and some boddingtons pub ale
    and some dead guy ale
    and some flying dog
    and some magic hat
    and some arrogant bastard ale
    and well, go to a fuckin liquor store

    but yeah i'll drink blue moons and shock tops. theyre pretty good
    down southeast they have OBP its orange blossom pilsner. like shock top but better
    northeast try to find trout river brewing company - it's unfiltered you get little pieces of hops in it sometimes its good shit

    by far what i drink most these days is magic hat - they have a total monopoly on the festival circuit
    every fuckin show i go to theres magic hat tents. magic hat #9, magic hat vinyl, demo, howl, circus boy, and so on and so on and so forth

    but yeah man good shit a lot of times blue moon and shock top are the best beers in the gas station
  3. yeah ive only had domestics and corona up to now, I dont drink much
  4. I like blue moon. With a slice of orange.
  5. well thumbs up on the blue moon.
    i'm pretty sure they don't brew their beer in formaldehyde, like domestics do
  6. oh yeah i put a slice of orange in every one i drank too, tasted kinda like orange soda im gonna start picking these up

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