Anybody heard of California Glass?

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    Hey I just picked up this California Glass bong + ash catcher set new on CL for $200. both pieces have a 8 arm diffused tree perc but the cool thing is what the guy called the "CaliCarb" in the ash catcher, its got carb holes in the glass on glass joint so once you pull the bowl piece to clear the bong air can bypass the perc making it so that the ash catcher adds pretty much no drag when clearing! has anybody ever heard of this before?




  2. Looks sick mind a milk? :confused:
  3. I just got these pics off of their facebook page cuz im lazy, or cuz im really fuckin high from milkin her haha but unfortunately i didnt get a pic. Ill get one up soon though!
  4. Carb holes in the A/C joint is a great innovation in design.

    What is CL if you don't mind me asking? PM a link?
  5. Never heard of Cali Glass. And im from Cali... >.>

    The Brosky:smoke:
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    That exactly what I was thinking but I love that A/C design. Probably not the first time it's been done, but if Cali Glass does it well and it's in Cali I'd love to have a product from my homestate.

    EDIT: I still wanna know what CL is too...
  7. i like that a/c cali carb thing its got goin on there
  8. CL is craigslist
  9. I feel stupid now, I've been searching google for this stuff and it's on Craigslist... I've never searched beyond my area for wet pieces on craigslist and all I find is junk. That tube + A/C for $200 is awesome.

    That dude needs to start dealing to headshops or open up a website or FB fan page er sum'n.
  10. Haha yeah i never heard of them either thats why I started the thread. California Glass is JUST starting up from what I understood when I bought it but they are located right in San Diego so i guess thats how i got one on CraigsList (CL is short for Craigslist).
    But I think they did it pretty well, its got ice notches, splash guard, diffused downstem, the works. I love it, but to point out at least one flaw, the arms of the tree perc are not quite as meticulously straight as like them.
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    Didnt refresh before i posted haha yeah i could see this set for $400 pretty easy. They are on facebook
  12. 400+ are you must be super stoned i wouldnt pay over 200 for that setup so you go it for a deal i guess
  13. Hey i said i could see it selling for $400, not that i would pay $400 haha i dont have that kind of money.
  14. I'm in the market for a set like that for $200! But how thick is the glass? Cuz a thin walled bong that's gonna break ain't worth shit in my book. Iv gotta have 5 mill if I'm spending hundreds
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    Glass is 5 mill thick AND the 8 arm diffused tree perc is reinforced too ;D

  16. After searching these forums for soo long, i think i have found the one... California Glass it is.
  17. So i have good and bad news from facebook. ill start with the bad news, glasshole, letsbechillin, they are sold out of everything right now, 3 to 5 weeks until they have more for sale. Good news for everyone else, they are upgrading to a 10 arm "super reinforced" (whatever that is) diffused tree perc in the bong and keeping it at the same price!

    This just popped up in my newsfeed you can check it out yourselves
  18. Yeah i heard just! That blows, because i told myself i wouldnt smoke until i purchase a bong... 5 weeks </3, i dont think i can do it..
  19. 5 weeks is a long time! Will you still be able to clear it after all that time? Haha jk but on a seriouse note you'd get seriously high when you got it!
    I pre ordered this morning but I'm gonna keep tokinn 3 - 5 weeks till mine gets here! Hahaha

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