Anybody have this problem with quantum boards and light mover?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Mauwie420Wauwie, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Any solution to hang this straight? They all clip onto this tiny loop which is really cramped and just makes my board flop sideways crooled sometimes on the light rail. It's kind of a reason I quit messing with indoor it just made me frustrated and I'm totally not handy and have no idea what I could use wondering if anybody has ran into this problem? 20190620_235850.jpg
  2. Also they're on those adjustable grow light hangars which makes it super pain in the balls to get them all even :mad2:
  3. That looks like an eye bolt. You could maybe use a different eye bolt with the same length/tpi and a larger eye? Alternately you could attach a larger ring to the eye, and secure the supports to that.
  4. I could use two rings but what rings? Also is what are those metal rope wires called its be nice to have those since they'd all be same length HLG-100.3.jpg
  5. Use a keychain ring? You probably have a million.
  6. Just giving it a quick thought I don’t believe you’ll be able stabilize that light setup without further fabrication. The problem is the all of the lights weight is in one location. You’d need to have at least two points of contact. Preferably parallel to the movers track. Perhaps a broomstick through the eye, with a silicon sealer to hold it into place. You need the weight hanging from to two places
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  7. No keychain rings lol
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  8. I feel like the double ring idea on the original eye with the silver ropes seems like itd work and be simple do you disagree?
  9. Not enough people using light movers these days.
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    Use a carabiner (or two) on the ring and attach everything to the carabiner.
    Sorry for the crude paint skills but something like this:
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  11. the ones you are asking about you can get on amazon, i've ordered them, have them, and don't use them - too long and actually too bulky I feel. Especially for lights like your QB board that are very light, don't even have the weight of a heatsink - same as my qb132 boards - an easy solution is fishing leaders. shorter which I found much better, much less expensive, lighter weight.
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  12. that works. unfortunately I don't need much of an excuse to buy another tool. I thought about doing exactly the same when I built both my lights last year. I kept telling myself I'm only ever going to build so many lights and i don't need it, i don't need it.....
    i don't need it....
    don't need it...
    don't need...
    well, could be other things I might need it for anyway...
    might be handy after all....
    oh damn!!!

    i hate you now
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  13. I would put all the loops from wires to one eye bolt by feeding them through and then crimping.
  14. You just described 50% of my money spending rational, LOL!
    (disclosure: I hav'nt needed any of it after making my light hangers...:bolt:)
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  15. I have four, cheap, ratchet ropes. I need but two, but I doubled them up just in case one slipped.
    They have worked flawlessly. Amazon, I’m quite sure.
    Of course, I hang from TWO eye hooks; four feet apart. Always stable.
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  16. :lmafoe:
    problem is.. it IS my rational most of the time
    and yes, most of the time it turns out to be a one-time use tool!
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  17. Those fishing leaders seem like a cheap solution do you use mini carabiners with them? I'd rather not buy tools I'm literally never going to use again but I will if it comes down to it
  18. Dude go to the hardware store and get a couple of metal S hooks or carbiners and a few feet of simple linked chain (the kind you can open a link with a pair of pliars), they usually sell those by the foot.
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  19. on each corner of the board connect a fishing leader. bring all 4 leaders together to a single point over the board and connect together using a split ring - like a key ring. I didn't have keyring so a cheap option was to go to Staples (office supply store) and get a package of Key Tags. comes like 50 tags with attached split ring (to attach the key you are tagging) for a few bucks.
    i take off the tag and use the split ring. :)
    all leaders connect together on the split ring and connect the split ring to your hanger and done
    if you don't want to buy key tags, go really cheap and use a paperclip. hell, if your not mounting the driver on the board in the tent, the board itself is light enough you could connect the leaders with a twist tie! :)

    in fact, i remember when I fist got my qb288 boards - they have heatsinks and LOT heavier than my 132 boards and your boards and I used paperclips to attach the hanger cables to the heatsink! lol
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