Anybody have info on Magnatone 213a Troubadour

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    This amp is by far the best purchase I've ever made at a thirft store.
    Paid $20 for it.

    This amp is famed for it's amazing vibrato but sadly I've yet to experience it because it hasn't ever kicked in yet.

    Mind you that this amp was made in 1959. All of the tubes look like they're in operational order but no vibrato is coming out of it. :/

    Now, I've tried looking this amp up, but not many people can mess with it because it's so rare, so anybody have any inkling of what's happening?
  2. Call and see if you can find an electronics store that can test tubes. A good music store should be able to point ya in the right direction. I have a Magnatone amp that my Mom played on in the 50's, had a few probs, repair guy replaced 1 tube, and that ole' amp puts out a sweeeeet tone now.:D:smoke:
  3. I've been on a guitar playing break for a while and I haven't ever really messed with the amp, my other question is even though the tubes light up, does it mean that they still might not be functioning correctly?

    I'll get a video of the amp up in a few minutes of what I'm talking about.
  4. [ame=]YouTube - Magnatone 213a Troubador Vibrato Problem[/ame]

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