Anybody have good music to smoke to?

Discussion in 'General' started by brown-bear, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Gimme some more!

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  2. Stonedmedowofdeath both channels 1-2 on YouTube same type of music but has complete albums from various underground bands from around the world.

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  3. Thank you!

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  4. I always liked Low rider, final countdown, or don't worry be happy...each have a different vibe and are fun during comeup.
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    Carry on til tommorow
    By badfinger
    Phone went west.
    By morning jacket.
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  6. I got some good ones from my personal playlist.
    Pawn Shop - Sublime
    Hits from the bong - cypress hill
    Coco Butter Kisses - Chance the rapper
    Im sorry - swell
    The garden - tribal seeds
    California girl- Pacific Dub
    Ratfinks, suicide tanks, and cannibal girls - white zombie
    Sweet leaf- Black Sabbath

    Just some suggestions :love-m3j:
  7. My band's album is good to get high to if you like Trippy Rock. Headphones mandatory. Shameless plug.. :biggrin: press play, then click on blue header to hear/see the entire LP.

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  8. I can't open it.

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  9. I can from my iPad.
  10. No.
    Infact there isn't even a section here devoted to music.

    Sucks to say, but I'm afraid you're shit outta luck, gosh.
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  11. Black sabbath,Led zeppelin, Pink Floyd,Jimi Hendrix,Guns N Roses,Ozzy Osbourne,Deep Purple,Cream
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  12. Not gonna lie bro your bands pretty tight :smoke:
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  13. Is the singer a female?
  14. I like Morcheeba. their genre is trip hop, folk-rock and is kind of downtempo. It's also good after you smoke when it's just you and your spouse. ;)
  15. Singer's a dude. High tenor. Like Jon Anderson.

  16. Sweet bro either way there tight :smoking: you guys on YouTube?
  17. No man. Just a recording studio project.
    I "write" the music and play all the instruments except the drums.
    Dave wrote the lyrics and sings.
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    Sweet bro was gonna say I'd subscribe lol you play all the instruments apart from drums damn bruh I can't play anything or sing lol fair play man you sound good bruh
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  19. Shit I wish the link would work. I like massive attack and portishead and that type of shit too

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