Anybody have any good ps2 rpgs to reccomend?

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    Im looking for a good rpg that i can get at least 15+ hours of gameplay.
    The main things im looking for are storyline, and style(art wise).
    The storyline should be interesting.
    And im looking for a more realistic style. not cartoonish.
    I really love jrpgs.
    And i prefer a turn based battle system.

    Thats just what i prefer though.
    All reccomendations are appreciated.
  2. Idk about ps2 but ps1 's legend of dragoon Is one of the greatest I've ever player. I love it even though its so outdated
  3. Final Fantasy X was really cool way back when. FFXII was pretty good but it can be quite difficult at points. Odin Sphere is really good, very unique.

    Also check out Okami if you can find it. It's not really an RPG as much as it's a Zelda 'clone' but it's VERY good.
  4. There was this one bad ass samurai one I played ages and ages ago. I can't remember the name though
  5. lol....not really sure how to answer this.
    An example for your favorite rpgs would probably help me make a recommendation.
  6. Oh my freaken baby jesus, I LOVED that game. I don't know anyone else who liked it. :(

    I spent so much of my time Playing Legend of Dragoon on Playstation 1 and Final Fantasy X on Playstation 2.....Gotta admit, lulu was hot back then ;)

  7. lol sorry about being undescriptive :p
    some of my favorite rpgs are: final fantasy(the old school ones, 7, and 8. 10 was okay, but im not a big fan of it. 12 was awesome.), legend of dragoon on ps1 was really good(like kzjester0, and omdogg already said. thats a good example of the kind of rpg im looking for.)

    and when i meant more realistic style, i meant like these:

    like, where the characters look like theyre modeled after regular people, not dolls. :p and where the monsters/enemies actually look like monsters, and not out of a cartoon monsters.
    and when the game isnt too "bright", if thats the proper word im looking for. (eg, like dragon quest viii. i really like that game, i just dont like the cartoony look to it.)
    i dont care too much for the graphics though, just as long as it isnt cartoony :p

    i know im asking alot out of an rpg, but to me, style is a BIG part of the experience. its second only to the storyline.

    ALSO, just to add, im more into the sword and magic type rpgs. :p
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    Alrighty I think I can make some recommendations. :p

    If you want a dark/mature rpg, I'd look up Shin Megami Tensai: Nocturne, SMT: Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2, and the Persona games.I have to say that SMT:Nocturne are for the hardcore rpg enthusiasts as this game is pretty damn hard. Shadow Hearts series is also up the dark/mature alley. You might like the Xenosaga series if you haven't played it already. Its got this science/space thing going on with some religious undertones. Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is enjoyable but also provides a pretty decent challenge.

    All mentioned games are JRPGs,turn based, and on the ps2. I'd definitely check out the SMT games.(Nocturne is my favorite followed by the DDS series.)
  9. Shin Megami Tensei is a good game, I haven't played Nocturne but I played the original 1 and 2 on emulator and they are HARD and not pretty graphic wise but really good. Omg so glad to find others that love Legend of Dragoon! (You are free to sever the chains of fate that bind you!~ )
    There aren't that many good RPG's on PS2 PS1 and before was the age of RPG's sadly (I'm playing FFVI now!) if you had xbox I'd reccomend Lost Odyssey (Which was made by the creator of the FF games) but PS2 just doesn't have that many. If you like the zelda action puzzle games I'd reccomend Okami for the PS2 which has a great japanese mythological storyline and it's one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen. FFX-2 is really fun to play but lacks an epic story. They need to make more JRPGS =(
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    woah, i'll have to respectfully disagree. If we're going to include action jrpgs too..
    As previously mentioned in my posts- SMT series, Persona series, Xenosaga, BOF, Shadow Hearts...

    Dark Cloud series
    Dragon Quest 8
    Rogue Galaxy
    Suikoden Series
    KH if thats your sorta thing.
    Tales of____ series
    Valkyrie Profile 2
    Odin Sphere
    Wizardry: totfl
    Arc the lad
    Namco X Capcom
    Wild Arms series
    lol and i can go on. And thats only the JRPGs!
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    I played dark cloud 1 a long while ago, but the disc crapped out since i got it from a friend who didnt understand the purpose of cases. But it was pretty good.
    Ive got dragon quest 8 and im currently coming and going on that one, it just takes soooo much time to level up. Lol.
    I played a demo of okami, but i didnt think that was an rpg, i thought it was more action/adventure.
    Rogue galaxy looks pretty good, that ones on my list of "maybes".
    Ive read about suikoden and it all looks pretty good, but im still debating.

    And i have to say it.. But i LOVED kingdom hearts. Lol.

    Would you highly reccomend valkyrie profile 2? That games got the style, and the storyline im looking for, but im just not too big a fan of the side scrolling gameplay of it. And im not too sure of the battle system.
  12. Pretty solid list.

    I'd add:
    Kingdom Hearts (little cartoony, but still good)
    Baldur's Gate
    Final Fantasy X
    Grandia series
  13. I'd have to say Dark Cloud 2>>>> Dark Cloud by leaps and bounds.
    Also if you decide to play suikoden, I'd start from the suikoden 1 on the ps1 and then work your way through the series so that you'll get a better sense of the story and appropriate it a bit more(I started it at 3 first). Valkyrie Profile 2 is definitely a pick up. Its turned based but with a touch of real-time action which is a nice mix.
    But I'll have to insist you play the SMT games, especially Nocturne and the more popular, Persona series.

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