anybody have a good ass recipe for spaghetti?

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  1. Tell me your spaghetti recipe. I'm feeling like cooking some tongiht.
  2. stuff needed.... caste iron skillet, 1lb ground beef, noodles, canned spaghetti sauce, worcestershire sauce, sugar, garlic, salt, and pepper.

    brown the ground beef in the caste iron skillet (it tastes way better that way)

    drain the fat

    throw in sauce, one spoon full of sugar and one spoon full worchestershire.


    throw in garlic, salt, and pepper.

    stir until warm

    put that shit on noodles.

    thats they way i make mine and its pretty decent.
  3. the way i do mine:

    1. chop two large onions into little cubes....
    2. chop two large carrots into pinkie-nail size bits (not too thin not too thick tho)....
    3. put a small amount of olive oil into the pot, then add the carrots...
    4. fry the carrots for like 10 minutes on medium heat....
    5. add onions...
    6. fry the combo for another 10 minutes...
    7. add half a kilo (around 1.1 lbs) ground beef
    8. fry until meat turns color....
    9. add the tomato liquid
    * the tomato liquid should have 4-5 medium tomatoes....4 small packs of tomato paste..and a little water...then blended together
    10. mix the combo up good and add salt and pepper to taste...
    11. add three medium size bay leaves
    12. add sweet and sour sauce and/or soy sauce to taste
    13. turn down heat all the way to minimum
    14. let it simmer for like 45 mins to an hour (stir once every 10 minutes or so)
    15. bon appetit [smoke]
  4. Onions, red/green bell peppers, and a garlic basil sauce.

    BISON meat, yes bison. Much more healthier then ground beef. My local store sells ground bison.

    Whole wheat noodles of any shape.

    - brown meat in a pan, drain the extra grease
    - put the veggies, sauce and browned bison in a sauce pan
    - start the noodles/cook/strain
    - mix them together or poor desired sauce over noodles
    - :smoke:
    - eat
  5. Ok since I hate onions can I just put the onions and carrots in a blender fan I do that or does it affect the taste.
  6. Dude next time ill go to my nonnas ill ask, shes straight from italy so our family sauce is banginnn :smoke:
  7. What kind of brand do you guys use for the sauce?
  8. Just wanted to add that these herbs are great in spaghetti sauce: oregano, marjoram, savory, thyme, rosemary, basil. parsely, sage. If you don't mind the taste of licorice, a teeny, teeny amount of fennel seed actually adds a nice zing.

    I don't use a recipe, personally, just season up some crushed tomatoes or a can of sauce (whatever is on sale, cheap, or I know tastes good from before) as desired, add meat, and simmer to let the flavours blend.

  9. I'm in college so it's usually cheap, but chunky mushroom Ragu is ALWAYS great.
  10. This I like to add lots of herbs and spices to my mix so the sauce has a really tangy/spicy flavor. I really think good spag is in the sauce so pay close attetion to it and dont be afraid to add things to it.

  11. if ur tryin to make it from a pre-made sauce then you cant go wrong with Classico....just dont buy Ragu or those type of commercial brands they taste kinda funky...

    i usually sautee some onions,garlic,and some basil in some olive oil before i add the sauce....

    i also cook the ground beef in olive oil and season it with some lawrys season salt and some cayenne pepper and just a tiny tiny tiny bit of worcestershire sauce

    Enjoy :)
  12. i go with classico as well.
  13. Boil noodles.
    Microwave Ragu.
    Pour, mix, and eat.
    Sorry I'm a broke ass dude. My girlfriends parents are from New York and they make some good ass 'sketti but I don't...

  14. its the dank,you ever make your own sauces though?
  15. jar of sauce and spaghetti. boil spaghetti and microwave sauce. boom. 5 minute meal. thats actually what im eating right now lol. well i angle hair instead of spaghetti (so much better).

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