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anybody had noticeable effects from stopping?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by whiteboyy09, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. I've been vaporizing heavily the last month, had 2 oz's to myself. Well anyways i ran out a few days ago so i decided to have an indefinite t break until i get a new job and get serious again with my school, health, and family. Well anyways the past few days i've noticed i have so much more energy than i ever remember having, i also find myself becoming angry much more easily. I'm also really happy for no reason at all.
    I'm guessing this is increased testosterone, i remember seeing an article saying mj lowers testosterone temporarily while you are using it, and returns to normal when off. But man do i feel great, completely satisfied not being able to smoke and ready to get serious with life. Definitely not over weed though :) probably gonna take a 1 month t break and then start taking it slower with consumption. Wow sorry for the long rant lol
  2. i know the first night trying to sleep is gonna suck
  3. trying to sleep sucks but not 2 bad.

    the first 2-3 nights that I go to sleep after I stop, I have the most vivid intense and emotional dreams ever. i never dream when i smoke weed.
  4. More irritable...
  5. I had a hard time sleeping my first week off and eating wasn't as enjoyable. otherwise no biggie cept weed dreams.... but I have those anyways, but when you are on a T break they are like those really great sex dreams yaknow... lol

  6. yeah fucking lol you got it. I wake up and go back to sleep so I can finish my weed dreams :smoking:
  7. Insomnia the first night, just thoughts raging in my skull. Then comes boredom, sometimes its a bit depressing.
  8. Just started my t break yesterday. I have to admit last night was one of the worst nights sleep ive ever had. Took me about 5 hours of laying in bed to finally get to sleep.
  9. Been dreaming hella. Been playing too much damn zombies on black ops 2 so Ive had like 6 zombie nightmares the past 2 months. One of em I had twice, and then another I had 4 times,including last night, hella annoying!
  10. Haha i've tried taking a t-break for the last month x) hasn't either it well so far :/ but ill do it after this 1/8 of this black diamond OG ;) a little nug**

  11. it just depends how psychologically addicted you were
  12. depression. a mental daydreaming and craving of cannabis.
  13. Crazy ass dreams and cravings.
  14. First 3 days I get irritable as fuck and mood swings, no appetite and when I am hungry I'll eat like half a sandwich, and can't sleep for shit.

    After that, my head feels 100x clearer, I'm much more emotional (in a positive way, happy most of the time instead of just when I'm stoned), more energy/motivation.

    In short, I hate smoking every day now, 2-3 times a week is plenty.
  15. Felt way less high, but still pretty high
  16. I never really get that irritable because i try to keep myself busy. But i definitely feel a lot more clear headed after not smoking for 5-7 days. My concentraion and motivation also seems to be slightly improved, but not too much.

  17. Yeah but doing shit is more boring so its a trade.
  18. yeah definetely noticed it takes a lot longer to fall asleep even with my rx ive been on for a while
  19. When i said "busy" i meant doing/learning things I actually enjoy:hello:

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