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Anybody had nepalese hash?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by topdog82, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. my frined was telling me about it. And he heard from someone else that if you eat it, crazy shit happens
    so he ate like half a gram of it and was babbling, red eyes, "please give me water". It was like he was super drunk
    and everybody who passed by he either yelled "faggot" at or started trippin that they were a cop. I met up with him because he thought he could walk home and needed help.
  2. nope, but first off. howd your buddy get a hold of that? and also I'm going to Nepal for my senior project this spring and this makes me excited lol
  3. hmmm i had it in dam. it was fuckin lovely but it didnt make me do any crazy shit....maybe he was doin that thing some people do when they pretend the shit they got hold of is so dank its making them get crazy high/tripin but no1 else is getin like that:(
  4. man my whole life i've been wanting to smoke a nepalese temple ball. next time in dam i am hunting that shit down.
  5. Yep, back in the 70's. Another Global Nomad and I were living temporarily in that gawd-awful redneck state of NC and he brought out a Nepalese Temple Ball. Back then it was the most powerful high I had ever been on, even stronger than the Buddha (Vietnamese Black and Opium) we smoked at ASIJ in Tokyo, Japan two years before. I was tripping. Get up, walk 50 feet, sit (or fall) back
    Has anyone seen any of this stuff lately in the States? Just curious.

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