Anybody? "GREEN DRAGON?"

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  1. Evenin' growers and tokers of all walks of life.

    Just had a quick question (as well as some major fuckin' deja vu a few seconds priot to starting this sentence).

    Anybody ever tried "Green Dragon?"

    It's essentially the highest content of alcohol you can find, whiskey, moonshine, everclear, 151, etc, with THC extracted from marijuana and combined with the alcohol.

    You just let the weed sit in the alcohol for a week or two, or can boil it (carefully, alcohol if flammable) to speed up the process.

    I was wondering if anybody had any recipes or different amounts, I used a 1/2 litre of moonshine to 2 grams and I'm feeling nice and roasted.

    Any feedback or personal experiences would probabally be a trip to read. As Green Dragon stands tall and blows flames lol.... :S WTF.

    Yeah but it helps me still consume cannabis, as I have a big anxiety towards smoke of any kind, kind of ironic because this time last year I was blazing all day smoking cigarettes like mad.

    It was like a subconcious thing, I knew the cigarettes were bad for me, I had a big panic attack and whatever.

    But yeah, sorry for the off topic thing... Haven't had a body high like this for what seems like ever.

    I like the intelligence marijuana brings upon me, rather than the relaxed, risk-taking, clumsiness that comes with excessive alcohol use.

    So thanks for taking the time to read, any reply would be appreciated, stories or recipes would be greatly appreciated :).

  2. whoa never heard of this but certainly need to try it.... who doesnt want to get high and drunk at the same time its like killing 2 birds with 1 stone ahha sounds like u found a great way to blaze stress free
  3. How many shots does it take to feel stoned? One of my goals in my marajuana usage is to one day pick up a quarter and a fifth of 151 and see what happens when combined for a couple months.
  4. ^ as many as you want to take.

    This shit is bomb for fucking real.
  5. It also depends on your amount, I was kinda eerie towards another panic attack so I took it slow, but you can go, an eighth to 3-4 shots.

    The final product should be green, and smell like bud, and taste like bud.

    Mine tasted, smelt, but wasn't green. So it depends on the person.
  6. Two weeks? More like 2 months. Green dragon rocks.
  7. Ive tried this before. We put 151 in a big gatorade bottle and then ground up like 1 gram of weed and put it inside.

    Then i put the whole bottle in a pot of water that was slowly boiling. I had to open the top to let some extra air escape or it wouldve exploded then I got impatient after 20 mins and put it through a mesh screen.

    It tasted like shit and only gave me the feeling of like a stoney buzz.

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