anybody got experience with leds lights help plz

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  1. I plan on gowing indoors very soon IV done alot of research on leds but I need first hand experience I'm looking to get a 120w tri band led from htg supply with 4 cfl lamps hoping to grow 6 to 10 plants think this would work

  2. I cant comment on that LED unit, but I can tell you that quality varies when it comes to LED lighting. However, I have seen others experience excellent results using lower quality/generic LED lights in conjunction with CFL.

    When it comes to LED, I believe diversity is key. Meaning, multiple LED unites (with different spectrums), or LED + CFL will provide the best results over a single LED unit only (regardless of the number of bands).

    Another thing to consider is the LED viewing angle. LED intensity increases significantly with narrow band LEDs. Those 120 degree LEDs are useless. The narrower angle, the better. Sure, your coverage will decrease, but your intensity will increase.

    The HTG light alone will probably veg just fine, for flowering you'll likely have to increase the overall light intensity by using a lot of CFL.

    Finally, I'm just a few weeks into flowering with all LED (no CFL), and my plants are doing well. I'm using 5 LED lights, about 220w total of LED in a cabinet with too many plants inside. I'm taking it a day at a time, but I *may* add in a total of 50w of CFL if I get the feeling the plants want more.
  3. Hi XXXXXXX(me),
    I think you would be much better off with a 400 HPS than a 90 watt
    LED... if you can get rid of the heat. There are a few lights that
    have ductwork that removed the heat, and as I said in my first post in
    Sept. there are a lot of options to get rid of heat...
    I have used the 120 w Tri-Band and I think you'd be better off with
    that. The problem with LED's is that while their light intensity is
    comparable to say a 400 hps, the area that they give that light
    intensity too is smaller. With a 400 HPS you'd have plenty of light in
    your area, with a 90 watt UFO you might not get the optimal amount of
    light to the edges of your garden if your plants get more than a couple
    feet high. If you have plants smaller than 2 feet a LED may be a good
    choice. I know that when I grew in PA and IL I could not do so in the
    summer because it got so hot, being in TX, you may want to give more
    weight to an LED with its lower heat production and electrical use.
    I hope this helps,
    Good Growing,
    Dr. E.R. Myers


    HOPE THIS HELPS :smoke:
  4. I dnt have money to do all the duct work for a hps or mh that's why I'm tryin to use the 120w tri band with cfls n flos
  5. 6-10 plant? no way lol maybe 3
  6. I'm just tryin to grow for personal use I want to get at least an ounce off each even if its 3or4 plants I'm going with the 120w tri led 4 flos 4cfl and a couple spot leds to help flower any body kno where to get legit seeds from I can't use hps cuz of heat and electric useage
  7. i and a fellow grower in my city are very satisfied with Marijuana Seeds - Worldwide Marijuana Seeds ordered from them and every time i recieve my shipment even if it gets stopped they resend it and give you free seeds on my last order we got bubba kush and super lemon haze free and slh is growing right now along with barneys farm pineapple chunk seeds fromt here great site
  8. I agree with toxiccasper. No way 6 plants. I'd go 2-3 at the most. LED's don't have the light penetration like HID's. If you keep them short like what was mentioned above you should do pretty well. Going with CFL's while in flower would definitely help the bud density.

    The Attitude Seed Bank has excellent shipping and good prices. Always have good freebies too!
  9. i use one 300w led grow light im getting good results 4 oz per plant the room temp is cooler to got mine from a uk company who custom makes them to your requirements they take paypal its the best way to pay no chance of being scamed this company are a good company no problems i will use them again:D
  10. whats that company called?

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