anybody got a band?

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  1. here's a link to our website: take the lyrics with a grain of salt. since the recording we've added a horn sectino, backup vocals, keys, and a way more bluesy approach.
  2. Hey man wicked music, im currently listening to bobbarker, nice mellow sounds. Ill be going through each track to see what oyur like, im liking what im hearing already though.

    "So follow me
    To a land of dancin' dead babies
    And then you'll see the Fetal G philosophy"

    Hahha i was wondering why a reggae band was called fetal genocide, until i heard some of the lyrics. You have an original style there. I think i still prefer less nasty lyrics, but oyu have a good sound.
  3. i like listing to that but i cant play or song worth jack
  4. This summer I am embarking on a new project; so far, just a three peice band, me on lead. It looks promising, straight to the top. Anyone play/listen to improvisational, fusion maybe?
  5. I play in a few bands...:

    (click on "listen", then "lytt" to hear the songs. I like Tatooine best)

    The songs aren't mixed properly yet, but we're working on it. Gonna release an EP nad update the songs soon...

  6. cool shit man, im singin fer the band now,, death, thrash style.. fun shit who do you listen too?
  7. Nice stuff man...I'm in a band that's really not a band yet, I still need to get my synthesizer (hopefully by next month) which will be one of the main instruments, our music will probably be some real cool industrial type techno, probably like Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Prodigy, Lords of Acid, and some different weird sounding type of stuff all mixed together.
  8. I'm in a band called The Waiting Game. Were kinda punky but we like to try and be original and hoping it goes well. We had a gig on tuesday, seemed to go well. If you wanna hear us I'll post something. I did before but it got ignored.
  9. I've been in my band, ChickenWing, for a couple of years now. We used to just do covers mainly, cos all the stuff I wrote was way too heavy for the rest of the members to play, but there was a local Battle of The Bands comp recently and at least one original song was compulsory. So I got the other stringers round and we penned a nine minute long power metal song called 'Dragon Blood.' Also, the vocalist and I wrote a tribute song to Cannibal Corpse called 'Acne Scarred Face,' which was pure, simple, catchy death metal. It was hilarious to see everyone's reaction when we played that stuff, being the only band which wasn't playing boring fucking rock music on the night. Living on a small island in the North of Scotland, nobody's heard the kind of music we were playing before! Needless to say, we didn't win,
    though we have gotten quite a lot of interest since then.

    I'll see if I can post the MIDI files, they're rather comical!

  10. Go for it! I'll listen!

    I just realised, I'm a dumbass. Can't post MIDI files here.
  11. Hey humphrey!
    Tha gig was wicked man.
    Everybody, Humphrey is an amazing drummer!
    Even though they were the opening band, they managed to pull in a bigger audience than some of the headline bands, which is great for a bands first gig.
    Keep on rocking man!
    Btw post your trippy drum solo (this really trips you out when your lean).
  12. hehe, thanks alot heat_blitz for the positive response towards the band, your support doesn't go acknowledged. Well for once we have a request for our music so here we go, I have uploaded a couple of our songs that we recorded awhile ago, some do not have vocals because our vocalist is too lazy to post them. This is the order of set list at the gig cause I dunno what it would be if this were released as a demo. We also have other songs but this is what we recorded at that session. This isn't studio produced so the quality isn't very good.

    Hold On -
    Kids Say The Cruelest Things -
    Fight With Summer -
    Untitled -
    Vacation -

    And here is the drum solo from Untitled on its own, I edited it alot of cool edit, just to fuck about with it

    Warning: This is extremely trippy so make sure you are extremely stoned when listening to this

    Enjoy, hope to hear some feedback from you guys.

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