Anybody getting a iolite wispr?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by TheReturn, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I would like to upgrade from the mflb but the $270 price tag is a little steep for me. People are hating on the look but I think it looks fine considering the mflb looks like some type of paraphernalia while the wispr you don't know what the hell it is.

    [ame=]‪WISPR by IOLITE Portable Vaporizer Review‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Im not sure, yet. Whether I get this thing or the arizer solo.
  3. Go for the Solo. I just picked one up last week and it is very efficient. I also have a MFLB and the Solo produces huge clouds and almost as efficient as the MFLB. It's so easy to use and easy to clean as well. You can pack it with an unground nug, it's not necessary to grind your bud. It's also very easy to connect to a water tool for vapor bong rips.
    IMO, the Wispr looks like a plastic toy.
  4. i dont like the idea of using butane in my vaporizer.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I think I will order it. I also wanted to get a new grinder but if its not necessary for the solo to have a fine grind, I rather spend that money on bud.
  6. Butane Vaporizer is a NO for me.
  7. Wispr is about $150 overpriced... For that kind of money I would get the Solo.

    From what I've heard the MFLB has at least the same if not better vapor quality as the wispr so it probably won't be that much of an upgrade besides the casing.
  8. I'm seriously tempted, been wanting a new portable vape since I sold my MFLB, and this seems to rid some of the problems with the old Iolite, bit expensive though..
  9. Too many cons for me to pick one up. The hiss, the butane, and the price are 3 strikes, so its out in my mind.

    I believe the iolite vapes to be more for people who vape stuff other than herb. If I was into tobacco and mint and stuff, I'd probably pick one up, but since I'm just an herb guy, it doesn't seem to be necessary. :)
  10. ^^^With the Wispr it only does one hiss, instead of doing it constantly, and I don't see the problem with butane? With the new one, one full tank lasts 2-3 hours apparently and it's so cheap...
  11. I've seen a couple of different reviews, talked to a guy at a headshop who's played with one, and I listened to Dopefiend and his mates views on the dopefiend podcast.

    I think it looks great. I've heard nothing but overall positive reviews for it. I dont have a problem with butane in my vape, it supposedly hisses less than the iolite, and I've heard you get much bigger thick clouds of vape than compared to the MFLB.

    All that said, the price is what does it for me. I hope it goes down, because that's just too steep for me. For a little more money you could buy a volcano, if you're gonna be spending that much money already. Obviously the volcano isn't portable, but still.

    if I could afford it sure, Id pick one up right away. Looks like a great piece. But at this price its just a little too high for comfort.
  12. Well mine got delivered yesterday... Vaped for 5 straight hours after work (didn't even use two tanks of butane), and this thing amazed me.

    I am not sure if it is psychological, but halfway through one chamber in the Wispr had me more blazed then a whole chamber in the iolite.

    Like I said, I've only had it for a day, but I think this is the start of something beautiful!
  13. ^^^Oh man, you've just pushed me over the edge, gonna go order mine now I think.

    Do you mind saying how often it hisses (I've heard it only hisses once, when you ignite it), and how hot it gets in your hand?

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