anybody from york, nebraska or the surrounding area..please help!!

Discussion in 'General' started by riphelix, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. yooo
    im moving to york from indiana this friday. im lookin to find some good buds in the area preferrably. but if your not in york thats cool too as long as your not too far away. sooo yea, anybody know anyone? any info would be good. please help me out here.
  2. asking for hook-ups isn't allowed, sorry. and nebraska is nowhere near new york.

    just ask around. if you're moving to the city it will be very easy.
  3. i own all the weed in york, and i am not sharing.

  4. i wasnt looking for an exact hook up. though thatd help. im just trying to figure out where its at. and york is a town in nebraska bro.
  5. I live in lincoln.
  6. get a job at a restaurant and get to know some of the people there. even if its a couple hours a week. the food business is littered with potheads...
  7. Best bet would be to take some with you. Turn a few people on and see what happens from there.
  8. this.

    work at hyvee, I work there. I smoke weed, and so do lots of other people I work with.
  9. I worked at the one on 70th and pioneers. It was the shit.

  10. thanks for the suggestions, sounds good. and i was actually thinking about working at hyvee. alot of people around here that work at stores like that just sit there and smoke all day then do whatever they have to. especially the ones with the night hours.
  11. holy shit hahaha i was pretty out of it last night. the word "new" wasn't even in your post haha. sorry about that. :smoking:
  12. hah that's sick man. I work at one they just built this last october. It sucks really, I don't know how anyone could enjoy it. Well I work courtesy :eek:
  13. haha its alright. it happens to the best of us man :D

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