Anybody from the Deep South??

Discussion in 'General' started by TokaRazar, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Just wondering. I'm reppin' Mississippi! We got some dank down here too.
  2. I'm from Mississippi as well, but that's about as much as you're gettin from me, NARC!

    Just kidding, I go to Ole Miss.
  3. Southeast Texas..:wave:
  4. I'm from Mississippi, and I also go to Ole Miss. Hotty Toddy
  5. Wisconsin. Much further south than the rest of these losers^^

    Haha. I kid, I kid. :D
  6. How'd I miss this thread. I live bout an hour south of oxford. Oxford have good hook ups?
  7. louisiana, there's so much schwag here it's ridiculous
  8. Georgia here, been living here all my life.
  9. Central Georgia, mostly mids..but theres dank around.
  10. Just moved to Biloxi, MS from Ohio. Good god it sucks, lol, i really dont find myself tokin for quite a while, haha.
  11. Texas is about as deep into the depths of the south you can get.
  12. southeast lousiana!!! some dank...just have to know people with it i guess!! Not really though...i think theres alot of growers in mississippi though right?!!
  13. Alabama.
    Mostly mids here, but there's some good dank too, which is pretty much all I get. :D
  14. ur close to me!! 45min. way!! but im in louisiana! I feel bad for you!! You prolly won't be smokin for awhile lol! aye it' mississppi...grow yah own shit!!! it's a rural area!
  15. I would but i cant get a bag for bag seeds. And i sure as hell couldnt order any, due to unfortunate circumstances. haha
  16. Hell yeah, I went to Elementary and part of Middle school down in Biloxi. Wonder if I know any of you people.
  17. My mate Nick is from the south, the deeeeeep south...


    Sorry, couldn't resist :bolt:

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